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by Aubree Lynn, stylist/producer/writer

Aubree Lynn is wearing an Oseas Villatorro design and jewelry by Art Rivas. Photograph is by Diana Delzio Photography.

Aubree Lynn is wearing an Oseas Villatorro design and jewelry by Art Rivas. Photograph is by Diana Delzio Photography.

There is a way to still look cute and stylish while being pregnant. Even for me as a stylist, I have had a little more of a challenging time with this endeavor. My body is changing so fast and each week I am not as small as I once was. However, I have found ways to make the bump look cute even in that awkward beginning of the second trimester when I didn’t quite look pregnant but I definitely looked like I just ate a big Thanksgiving meal.

All I have to say is get your flow on, flowy tops, even baby doll cuts work. This summer it has been so hot so getting away with the loose tops has been great. When you are hitting your 16-18th week or so you are no longer able to fit in your jeans, even the good old hair tie around the button trick isn’t working as your baby is starting to kick. My suggestion is, rely on dresses, cotton skirts and leggings. These have become my go to items. I have given up trying to fit into most of my regular clothing.

A helpful tip is to ask your girlfriends who just had a baby if they are willing to let you borrow any of their maternity clothing. Luckily for me, I happened to have a friend who did. This is a chance to enjoy someone else’s style and add your own flare to the ensemble. My friend introduced me to the pregnant lady pants and shorts that hug your belly. I absolutely LOVE them.

Shopping with your belly in mind, here are some options: Target offers longer tanks. They even have cute ribbed sweater dresses for fall that are stylish and comfortable. H and M has some great maternity jeans (straight legged) and leggings that work well with most of your fall/winter items, including sweaters, dresses or longer tops. Pea in the Pod is pricey; but if you go to the clearance section, you can find simple and stylish dresses that can last even after the baby is here. This is accomplished by belting and tucking the fabric. Motherhood has very comfortable and stylish clothing and even designer brands. Check out their sleep, active, and start looking for nursing wear items.

My suggestion is to go first to the sales section. You always want the best deals, and if you are like me, it is hard to go shopping and not have a full wardrobe just for your bump. So you might tend to buy a little more each time. Cool thing is you can still mix and match with what you already have in your current wardrobe. Just stick to the basics and pull in some cute dresses and maternity pants here and there. Then, voilà, you have a wardrobe for the last few months of pregnancy, even when you start to get too big to see your own shoes. As for me, I am not there yet, but I know once I am I will be heading to these stores to purchase some sale items that I will love.

At this time I want to thank my event pregnancy style crew. Since I have been carrying my little one, these fabulous people have done their part to make me look and feel gorgeous for some special events. I am blessed to have Oseas Villatorro design some great pieces for me. And, I am grateful for jewelry by the great Art Rivas. I can’t forget Diana Delzio from Diana Delzio Photography. She photographed me wearing these fabulous designer pieces for Fashion Week San Diego. I felt beautiful while pregnant.

My point is you still can look and feel beautiful while your body is changing and shifting. Though it is not the most comfortable experience, it’s great to have helpful tips to know where to shop, and how to feel your best while growing a little human inside of you.

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