The God of Busy

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by Cath DeStefano 

Hello, Tim. Nice to see you again; how are you?


Hi Jan, haven’t seen you for a while; how are you?


Elshan! What’s been happening?

Oh, I am so busy!

I swear this is the new mantra for us. We have turned busy into some sort of a god.

I am not suggesting that the above change into the following:
Hello, Tim. How are you?

Bored to death.

Hi, Jan, how are you?

Not inspired and waiting for something to occur to me.

Elshan! What’s happening?

Absolutely nothing.

But I am suggesting that if we truly want more balanced, less-stressed lives, then we must lay the mantel of Busy-Busy-Busy down once and for all.

Might I suggest asking this key question when looking at our To Do Lists? Does this even need doing at all?

And might I also suggest that we look at our lists and lives in terms of true priorities? As we prepare our A, B and C list, the As get our time and focus. Sometimes the Bs do and the Cs get put in the bottom drawer.

What is this fascination we have with being busy? The more balanced life requires down time…doing nothing…
spending an afternoon on the couch.

Horrors! Won’t our world come to an end?!


Don’t do it all. Do what really needs to be done. Please don’t turn busy into your god.

Cath DeStefano, CEO, Speaker, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
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