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By Aubree L. Stout (Russell)

I am not just another stylist, I also produce. As of December 17th 2011 I have had the exciting task of producing the most important event of my life, my wedding. The title we choose is StoryBook Romance with a Vintage theme for this June wedding. My mother and I made this an epic wedding of vintage appeal, meant to be an experience for all guests who attended.

Let’s go back into our great grandparent’s generation and embrace everything they held dear:

tradition, style, music and relationships. Brooches were pulled from both sides of the family and due to an ad in the Pacific Northwest newspaper my grandmother submitted, I received broaches from all over the Northwest. Sweet hand written letters of love, sent to me and my fiancé with brooches enclosed became a treasured brooch bouquet designed for the maid of honor and myself by my mother. The invitations read like a page from a novel. My mother’s wedding dress was worn and re-constructed slightly by designer Stacey Blanchet and seamstress Janaki Ravinutala. Artemisa Rivas designed a jeweled piece from family heirlooms. The groom wore a tailed tux with an ascot matching the champagne colored fabric inserts from the wedding dress.

We decided to keep the ceremony to tradition in a little chapel with stained glass windows and live birds in cages along the windows. The platform was adorned by candelabra, fresh flowers and a wooden arch.

Following the ceremony, the reception continued the vintage flow. A quintet was hired with a crooner David Patrone to bring in that romantic sway. An album of both sides of the family’s wedding photos from generations past were awaiting the guests at the greeting table. A tree was drawn by my father for guests to leave their signature leaf to be framed and hung later as a memory. Center pieces were old vases, and bottles, handmade flowers out of vintage books and atlas’ popped from their openings Table titles were names such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, reminded the guests were they sat. Romantic tea lights were placed throughout the venue. Vintage style cakes atop of old platters and pedestals held two wooden birds facing one another and delicate paper flowers were set to adorned each of the three round simple cakes.

A vintage wedding for Aubrey.

Let me just say, you can’t go wrong with a vintage atmosphere. It is always in style and will always remain classy, respected, and admired by both young and old. Style can be in anything, not just clothing but events as well. Style is a vision brought to life by a designer or imaginative mind. This can be used to shine light on a particular subject and portray a feeling to participants.

This is something I love to do and can honestly say there was a feeling of something old and new throughout this event. When all was said and done, this night started a new chapter of life. With all expectancy and planning accomplished, I left the guests with the anticipation of the chapters to come for this StoryBook Romance of ours. The production of this event not only added to my styling/producer portfolio but also to my life as the latest Mrs. Russell.

Let the chapters stylishly unfold.

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