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In case you hadn’t noticed, our world is changing. In the past several months, I have noticed and experienced a growing effort by many individuals to be actively involved in moving the world to a new place. I am seeing this in the educational system, where educators, students and parents are saying that the current school system in California is broken. Obviously, we know the state of affairs of our city and the State of California. It is dismal to say the least. What is refreshing is that there are individuals, groups and organizations who have said they are not going to sit by and complain. Instead, they’ve elected to get involved and offer options and potential solutions, as well as “new approaches.”

In this issue, we introduced you to the proposed effort to dramatically change the architecture and landscape of Balboa Park that was being supported by some of our elected officials. Thankfully, with the leadership of Bruce Coons and members of Save Our Heritage Organization, as well as 25 additional agencies and organizations, that effort was thwarted. Now this same coalition is working toward a more logical, non-destructive approach to enhance Balboa Park for the 2015 Centennial of the Pacific-Panama Exposition. (We will have more on this topic in future issues.)

This past week I attended a reception at a neighbor’s house. The focus was on education and a public, free charter school that will be opening soon in Old Town at 2120 Old Town Avenue. Co-founded by residents of Mission Hills and Point Loma, 210 students have already registered for the fall 2011 semester. After listening to the presentation, I learned that the curriculum for the Old Town Academy, as it has been named, will be quite a change from the traditional public school form of education. I found the introduction and explanation to be quite refreshing, as did many of the adults at this presentation. Several of the guests (who I will emphasize are adults) expressed serious interest in attending the school, as students. They felt it might stimulate their creative and technical skills, which can use some motivation. (We will also keep you apprised of the progress of this new charter.)

I am also hearing from individuals who are concerned with the loss of jobs and employment opportunities in the United States. It’s a serious concern when neighbors tell me their sons or daughters have little or no options for employment. And it’s alarming when Americans say that the gap between upper and lower class is growing wider, and the middle class is quickly disappearing.

That’s why I am not surprised to receive press releases from various organizations that are trying to address the issue of current and future employment, and are seeking ways to “reinvent” the job market with new business opportunities.

As to “reinventing,” we’re also making changes for the Presidio Sentinel, starting with a new look for the print version of the newspaper, which will continue to transition. Within the next couple of months, other, more dramatic changes will take place for our website. Without giving away our plans, I can say “we’re very excited.” And, I should mention that there is a new team of people that have joined this cause. Over the next couple of months I will announce these individuals and their roles with the newspaper and website.

We all know that change isn’t easy. Yet, most of us realize that it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve decided to take a new approach and challenge ourselves with “what if?” Who knows what the outcome might be. With that thought, we encourage and invite you to join us on this new journey, and, we thank you for your contributions and ongoing support.

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