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A geek moment with Mark Christopher Lawrence

Actor and comic Mark Christopher Lawrence is best known for his role as Big Mike on NBC’s “Chuck,” but anyone who has followed his career knows it is only the latest in a string of successes. As “Chuck” enters its 5th and final season, Mark Christopher Lawrence’s name and fame are growing – so much so that at the Comic-Con he couldn’t make it across the floor without being stopped for pictures and autographs again and again.

“The panels were incredible,” said Mark. “We had over 6,000 people at one; it was standing room only. We’re just trying to connect with the fans and say ‘thank you’ for supporting us for the last four seasons and into the fifth.”

As most fans know, “Chuck” is about a guy who happens to be a Super Spy as well as a geek working at Buy More, which looks a lot like a well-known electronics retail store. The show was an immediate hit at the San Diego Comic-Con since its Hero was not just a Geek but a SUPER GEEK. Mark Christopher Lawrence was originally cast as the Boss at Buy More, but now plays the assistant manager, Big Mike.

Usually fans think that Mark comes down from LA for the Comic-Con, but what most of them don’t know is that Mark actually lives in San Diego and has done so for over a decade. While many San Diego entertainers make the “career move” to LA or New York, Mark grew up in LA and then moved to San Diego. “You can’t beat living in San Diego,” Mark said. “I made the move here years ago, and I built my life here”

Mark has been part of the local theatre community since long before “Chuck” hit the airwaves. He worked with Lamb’s Players Theatre in “Cotton Patch Gospel” and has performed with Cygnet Theatre as well. When Mark was looking for a venue to produce a show for Comic-Con, his wife suggested Lamb’s new space, the Horton Grand Theater, where the current hit “Mixtape” is playing. Mark talked with Artistic Director Bob Smith and came up with the two-night show, “Big Mike vs The Con.”

The shows were hysterical, as they featured several headliner comics along with Mark’s co-star on “Chuck,” Scott Krinsky. Mark was joined on stage Thursday night by comics Jimmy Burns, Lester Barrie, and Scott Wood. K.C. Murdock opened the night with an acoustic set and was joined by Mark on his final song. On Friday night award winning singer-songwriter Josh Damigo opened the evening, followed by Scott Krinsky, Vicki Barbolak, and Chris Clobber.

“It was fantastic,” said Mark. “Thursday was a family show while Friday was little edgy, but a good time was had by all.”

As “Chuck” enters it’s supposed ‘Final Season,’ Mark and the other cast members are looking for what’s next. “As we enter this final season of ‘Chuck,’” said Mark, “it’s clear we’re looking for other things to do. We want to start getting our own products and projects out there. I love San Diego and want to stay in the community. My next venture is a co-production with Cygnet Theatre on August 8, a Tuesday night of comedy. We’re going to bring the funny with Mike Pace, Jimmy Brogan and Anita Milner.”
Mark Christopher Lawrence can be found at MarkChristopherLawrence.com and twitter.com/MarkChrLawrence. On Facebook just look for his official fan page as his personal Facebook account has reached its limit of 5,000 friends.

The Comedy Show at Cygnet Theatre will be performed at the Theatre in Old Town on August 8, at 7:00 p.m. For tickets visit CygnetTheatre.com or call the box office at 619-337-1525.

See the video interview with Mark Christopher Lawrence, in addition to extended San Diego Comic-Con features with David Kamatoy, at PresidioSentinel.com.
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