7th Annual U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge Takes Place on the Waterfront

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This invitation-only competition will feature 12 Master Class Sculptors.

One of the top 20 “Must See” seaside festivals in the world according to American Express and USA Today’s 10 Best, the U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Exposition will return to San Diego’s downtown waterfront for 4 days, Friday, August 31 through Tuesday, September 3.

Presented by The Port of San Diego, this will be the seventh year one of the world’s most prominent sand-sculpting competitions will be held on this built-for-the-occasion beach, with over 300 tons of sand dumped on Broadway Pier.

This invitation-only competition will feature 12 Master Class Sculptors, six from the United States and six from exotic countries around the world, to compete and carve museum-worthy sand sculptures made from only sand and water. These hand-made sculptures can reach up to 15 ft. tall and can weigh over 10,000 lbs. It’s been called the most creative atmosphere in the world and you’ll never see works of art like this anywhere else!

In addition to witnessing one of the most popular sand sculpture competitions in the world, patrons will enjoy live entertainment from bands paying tribute to the Beatles, Beach Boys, Dylan, Journey and other greats. Families can picnic on the bay with food and drink from over a dozen gourmet food trucks and a wine and beer garden.

Children can play in a huge sandbox and enjoy rides such as European Bungie, Bubble Fun and FREE activities in the expanded Arts for Learning/San Diego Kids Zone.

For more information, visit www.ussandsculpting.com.

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