A Candidate for Mayor Who Clearly States, He is not a Politician

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This past month I learned from someone I have worked with this past year on rallies, civic events, and homeless concerns that he has decided to run for mayor of San Diego. I was both surprised and impressed.

We all know the seriousness of this position, and the fact that the current mayor had been aspiring for that position most of his time as a politician, which is his entire adult life.  I am referring to Mayor Todd Gloria.

Larry Turner, who resides in East Village with his wife and two young children, is also a Lieutenant Colonel and community relations officer with the San Diego Police Department.  He has been serving the downtown district in that capacity, however, has been involved with almost every community in the city of San Diego, except for San Ysidro.  Prior to this position he was a member of the SWAT team for the SDPD. 

Turner retired from the Marines serving in many capacities, including as an intelligence officer.  Obviously, Turner has served in roles in the military and police department that requires quick thinking, stamina, determination and strategic planning and leadership skills.

Those qualities and skills might serve us well at this time while we are dealing with some very serious issues at city hall and since the following has been shared by San Diegans throughout the city:

  • Homeless population has gotten out of control over the last three years, leading to an increase in health and crime related issues.
  • Sex trafficking in the school system and in the city are the highest in the country. 
  • Cost of living in the city has gotten worse over the last three years: housing, food, gasoline, utilities, and water. 
  • Affordable housing crisis continues to get worse.
  • Quality of life for San Diegans has been jeopardized beyond expectations. 
  • Small businesses are struggling to survive due to costs and regulations that seem to be counter to creating an equitable business climate.

During a recent conversation with Turner, we discussed these points above. He stated that he has already assembled an intelligent and experienced group of business professionals who are ready to “hit the ground running” upon his appointment as mayor in 2024. 

It’s obvious from his passionate comments and “ready to move forward” attitude that Turner believes that preparation and a strategically organized plan is necessary to overcome the challenges that we are dealing with in the city of San Diego.

He offered that his decision to run for office came about after numerous friends, associates, and business leaders from throughout the city asked for him to make this commitment. 

“I feel it is my civic responsibility to run for mayor,” offered Turner, and added “When I am done serving in this capacity, I plan to go back to being a member of the SDPD. 

Obviously, that’s the exception in today’s world.  Most people running for office make this a career, which unfortunately, may not be serving us well.

I think most of us agree that what is lacking among our elected officials is understanding what it’s like out of the political arena.  They have become so entrenched among the political culture that they are “out of touch” with their constituents.  That’s what I am experiencing and hear frequently from residents from throughout the city.

Without sharing the components of his plan for addressing the homeless, which are quite impressive and aggressive, I will state that he will focus on compassion and a common-sense approach that incorporates a lot of experience in dealing with this population daily.  This is due to his role as community relations officer with the SDPD and as a resident of East Village, which is experiencing daily an increase in homelessness, drug activity and crime.

Going into the mayoral campaign as an independent, Turner offered, “I have no strings attached to me, I owe no one.”

In today’s political climate, this is also very encouraging. We know that those allegiances can do more to detract from doing what is right for all San Diegans. 

Turner also plans to be out in the community daily when “he is mayor.”  Sitting behind a desk and directing others isn’t how he functions.  Again, what a refreshing change.

Though I can share more at this time, I plan to do so on a regular basis.  As noted in the bullet points earlier, the majority of San Diegans feel that we are not functioning in a healthy political or business climate.  It is time to consider how a leadership change at the mayor’s office can be exactly what we need to regain our commitment to be America’s finest city.  With all of this in mind, Larry Turner has my full attention.

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