A Love Story That Continues

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For most of us, the energy that Frank and Madeleine Pavel exude in one day would serve us well for many weeks. Both are native San Diegans who share the same curiosity and, eagerness to bring about needed changes in our city and county.  At the same time, they offer a friendly approach to their outreach efforts and to everyone they meet. This personality and attitude has led them to be at the forefront of many enhancements to our community and San Diego at large.

Attending Gonzaga, Tufts for dental school, then Ohio State for his anesthesia residency, Frank was a stellar oral and maxillofacial surgeon until a few years ago. An accident disabled his hand and his ability to do the work he was so passionate about. However, due to his passion, which led him to the forefront of excellence in his practice, colleagues around the world call him to this date frequently seeking advice for dental expertise.  Experiencing this loss and very deep gloom, Frank channeled his energy to other passions. He is now sharing his life-changing role with the ideal partner, his wife, Madeleine.  The focus is on other areas of civic interest, many of which are visible to our city, county and community.

Madeleine, who went to Saint Charles, then to Point Loma high (definitely cheerleading), continued her education at U.C.L.A. That’s where she got a degree in Communication, and magically shares many skills and traits with Frank. 

In Los Angeles doing print modeling for Liz Claiborne, Madeleine went to the USC Dental School to see her friend, Doug Disraeli, about a chipped tooth.  Disraeli introduced her to Frank, who was completing his three-year residency.  It became obvious during their conversation that they had dozens of friends in common.  Doug then pointed out to Frank that Madeleine was available. 

Frank, while attending a tennis match, stopped by the pool where bikini-draped Madeleine was enjoying the sun-filled day. Frank, at seeing Madeleine, invited her to dinner with his parents, explaining there was a Jacuzzi at their residence. Respectably, Madeleine wore a one-piece bathing suit knowing it was proper decorum, and stated, “First date appropriate.” Frank still had school to complete, but soon thereafter, the obvious perfection of the match took them to their 1983 wedding, followed by a Maui/Kauai honeymoon.

It isn’t uncommon to see the effects of their relationship and their career choices.  Frank has served a long list of clients with dental improvements. Madeleine has been the designer of many stunning home decors, and has graced her home with these skills and talents.

Together they have been instrumental in the phenomenal successes of fundraisers for Francis Parker, the YMCA, San Diego History Center, the golf course upgrade at Presidio Park, Cygnet Theatre, MADCAPS, the San Diego County Dental Society Gala, Saks Fifth Avenue Breast Cancer Crusade, Point Loma High, Mercy Hospital Ball, Point Loma High School reunions, and a host of other events and organizations.  

Madeleine, who was also a thorough leader of the Neighborhood Watch in her area, was nicknamed “The Directress of Homeland Security.” Frank’s energy and spirited enthusiasm has benefited the revitalization of The Presidio.  

As most of us know, the San Diego Presidio was built to protect the original American colonists from Indian attack, and provide the military headquarters for further Spanish exploration and missions.  It is now a National Landmark.  Living above it in Mission Hills, and frequently enjoying the Park itself, Frank and Madeleine were eager to restore its historical viability and celebration.  It had been allowed to fall into decline. Frank, due to his fundraising skills, was able to steer a campaign to surpass its fundraising goal by 39 percent.  That’s quite an accomplishment.

During a recent visit at his home, Frank was seen restoring a wooden address sign which provides direction for visitors to Cosoy and Presidio Drive.  Because bureaucracy tends to move slower than acceptable, residents (as Frank and Madeleine) have taken it upon themselves to do the inevitable, improve landmark signs and monuments for the enjoyment and benefit of residents and guests of the park.

As much as they love their community and work related successes, their biggest accomplishment is their children, Amanda and Zach. Both children moved from San Diego to pursue their own career and life paths. Amanda is already bringing her extraordinary design skills to Salt Lake City, and Zach’s company, PavelWellnessandPerformance.com, is an online nutrition, fitness and holistic service which guides customers, many here in San Diego, to gain physical and mental freedom.

Frank and Madeleine Pavel have had a fruitful life, with lots of personal and professional challenges and rewards.

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