A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Chuck Fox of Mission Hills.

The past month has been a real doozy, and especially difficult and daunting. I won’t go in to all the specifics of why I share this observation. I will state that the most serious challenge of the month was when I learned that Chuck Fox, my ex-business partner who had also been the executive editor of the Presidio Sentinel upward of nine years, had died. Chuck, who was also a long-standing resident of Mission Hills, had been very involved in the community.

When I first met him, over thirteen years ago, it was at a church function at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Mission Hills. I was representing the music liturgy committee for the church at an open house. Chuck and his wife, Sheila, were attending the event. I had already known Sheila because we both shared business connections with the public relations and advertising industry. This was my first encounter with Chuck. Shortly after this brief meeting we agreed to meet over coffee to discuss my new role as publisher of the Mission Hills News. It was during this discussion that Chuck agreed to become the executive editor of the publication. That was the beginning of our friendship and business relationship.

Those of us who knew Chuck, remember him as a big guy with a strong and memorable voice. Being that he was a DJ, “The Fox that Rocks,” Chuck had an amazing speaking voice and was great at delivery. We produced lots of events which allowed Chuck the opportunity to demonstrate his talent and skills as a presenter and leader. The list of events we produced includes, Old Town San Diego Fiesta, Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Chula Vista Harbor Days, First Night San Diego, Mission Hills & All That Jazz and Mission Hills Concerts in the Park.

As I look back, I have been reviewing the early issues of the newspaper. Our first issue was April/May 2000. It was called the Mission Hills News Enterprise. It was a friendly community newspaper that was very local, with writers and content primarily from and about Mission Hills.

Then in May 2001, after serious strategic planning and review, we changed the name to the Presidio Sentinel, increasing the circulation and reach of the publication. We went from a distribution of 5,000 to 15,500. That’s a significant jump.

In order to accommodate this jump and still run a lean operation, Chuck and I wore lots of hats, including sales, marketing, editorial and distribution, which meant wrapping and throwing the newspaper. I have vivid memories of running next to Chuck’s Jeep to make sure the newspaper was properly positioned on each property. Chuck thought I was a little eccentric. I thought I was demonstrating quality control.

Reality is, Chuck and I spent a lot of time together and I got to know him well. I still have file cabinets and computer files filled with projects and activities we did together, including producing a video for my Dad’s 80th birthday celebration. It is precious.

My Dad will be celebrating his 90th birthday this coming October. I intend to replay that video at this important event. And, I will be reminded that my friend and business partner, Chuck, is solely missed.

Then I ask myself, how do you say goodbye to someone who is bigger than life and has a humongous heart? You don’t. Instead, you ask, how do I keep his legacy alive?

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