All About Hydration: Why You Should Drink More Water

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Did you know that there’s something incredibly simple you can do each day to increase your mobility, improve your metabolism and digestion, better the appearance of your skin as well as help you to feel more energized? It’s proper hydration, folks. Hydration is the key to feeling great, staying well and giving your body what it needs to run smoothly — especially in the hot summer months and when you’re active.

Why water and hydration are important

Here’s why …

Not only is the human body about 60 percent water, water is also a major component of the brain, bones, cells, lungs and even the skin.

The following are some of the processes that water is responsible for in your body …

  • Lubricates your joints so your body feels more mobile. 
  • Forms saliva.
  • Regulates your body temperature through sweating and perspiration.
  • Helps your body to get rid of toxins more easily and replaces the water lost through regular bodily functions.
  • Helps your skin to look and feel hydrated.
  • Helps your digestion and metabolism to work efficiently. 
  • Supports your energy levels, brain function and so much more, which in turn can help you to have better workouts.

As you see, water is absolutely essential to human life, and that means placing importance on hydration is a worthwhile effort because many of us are walking around slightly dehydrated and not even realizing it.

While the common goal is to “drink eight glasses of water a day,” many health experts believe that number could be more or less depending on the person. Men may need more water than women. People who are active and often sweating need more water to replace the fluid lost. And pregnant and breastfeeding women need more water too. To find out exactly how much water you should be drinking each day, speak to a nutritionist, registered dietitian or your doctor, but know that the “eight glasses a day” is a great starting point.

How to drink more water

You actually do get hydration and water from eating veggies and fruits, as well as drinking flavored beverages, but you still want to focus on consuming plain quality water as much as you can throughout each day, especially in the summer. 

Here are some tips on how to increase your water intake … 

  • Invest in a new water bottle with ounce markers on it and keep it with you always.
  • Fill up a large water cup each night and place it on your bedside — if you have a room temperature glass of water within arm’s reach, you can easily down it as soon as you wake up to start the hydration process.
  • Always drink at least one full glass of water before having your morning coffee.
  • Load up on water before, during and after your workout.
  • Keep water by your side while working at the computer.
  • Carry a water bottle with you when you walk your dog.
  • Have access to a water bottle when you commute, on foot or in the car or while you’re grocery shopping or running errands.
  • Drink a full glass of water while you’re standing in front of the stove/oven while you’re for healthy food to cook.
  • If you want some flavor, add cut-up lemons, limes or mint to your water.

Drink up!

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Water hydrates the body, and has other health benefits.

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