Assemblymember Chris Ward’s Statement on his support for SB 9 and SB 10

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When asked why Assemblymember Chris Ward elected to support SB9 and SB10, which received major opposition from his constituents, he responded with the following:

“For years Californians across the state have been living paycheck to paycheck, in cars or in crowded, unstable housing situations, struggling under the weight of astronomical housing costs.  This crisis touches every Californian.  People are being forced to have to choose between paying rent, buying food, or accessing live-saving medical care.  This has always been unacceptable, but now, with the continued threat of a unprecedented public health crisis, we have reached an inflection point where doing nothing is no longer an option.

Senate Bill 10 is a completely voluntary measure that will allow local governments to zone any parcel of land…that is urban infill or near public transit…to build 10 units of housing or less.  This is not a mandate, as cities can choose whether they would like to use this tool to upzone.  Any decision to implement this growth in housing is under complete local control.  Cities have long requested voluntary tools to build the housing they need and this legislation aims to provide just that.

Senate Bill 9, authored by Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins, will allow up to four units of housing to be built on a single-family lot.  This is only an increase of one unit when compared to what is currently permitted under state law.  President Pro Tem Atkins has made multiple amendments to address the concerns raised by stakeholders throughout California, including communities here in San Diego.  Because of these discussions, amendments were taken that added anti-displacement provisions, added a three-year homeowner occupancy requirement, and allow local governments to deny a housing proposal if it would create a fire hazard.  This measure is a small step forward to try and help address California’s severe lack of housing stock by making duplexes and smaller single-family homes affordable.

Our housing crisis will not be solved overnight, and there is no single piece of legislation that can address the entirety of the issue.  However, after decades of inaction, we know the cost of doing nothing on this pressing issue.  Furthermore, after hearing from communities throughout the 78th Assembly District about the need for progress and solution oriented legislation, I made the decision to vote yes on SB 9 and SB 10.”

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