Bikes Everywhere and Why?

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Yellow and green bikes have taken up residence on sidewalks throughout the city of San Diego.

It’s beyond obvious that bikes from three different organizations are now littering our sidewalks and neighborhoods. And, at this point in time, there seems to be no logical reason for this rash of bike placements.

We see it in Pacific Beach, the Morena District, Mission Hills, Hillcrest and Old Town. Coronado, as most of us know, is “pushing back” on this issue because it has become a problem for business owners and residents. It is a safety concern and restricts foot traffic.

Almost every day I see announcements via Nextdoor from residents who jokingly appear afraid to challenge the bike situation because of retaliation.

What we are all attempting to understand is, “Why do we need twelve to twenty bikes on one block littering our sidewalks at any given time?”

What really is the reason and logic to this effort? And, who made the decision that this is acceptable?

We may have mutually come to the conclusion that the bikes are intended for the homeless.

Early one morning a week ago, a homeless person with a large beanie type of hat, was rummaging through our neighbors’ recycle bin looking for things to collect. He was using one of the “yellow” bikes to help transport his trash collection.

Yesterday I saw another homeless woman in Old Town doing the same.

Bikes used to be looked at in a positive way. Now they are becoming a nuisance.

Ironically, the San Diego Police Department is seeing an increase in bike-related accidents and interference with foot traffic in downtown San Diego, Pacific Beach as well as Ocean Beach. Hence the following message:

“San Diego Police Department will be conducting a bicycle and pedestrian safety enforcement operations on Wednesday 03-28-18 from 12:00 am to 8:00 pm with focused enforcement on collision causing factors involving motorists, bicyclist and pedestrians. Routine traffic patrols will focus efforts in trouble spots while special targeted patrols in the Ocean Beach and Downtown area will also be deployed to crackdown on drivers, pedestrians, bicyclist and scooter riders who violate traffic laws meant to protect all roadway users.”

Do you, as I, see a growing problem here?

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