Change Is In the Air

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By Trish Watlington, Mission Hills BID President

As we launch into spring I find myself embroiled in the re-writing of The Red Door’s mission statement. Six years into our launch as a small business we’ve seen many changes in our philosophy and vision. We realize that our purpose as both a neighborhood gathering place and champion for sustainable food systems is to foster connections. After all, true local cuisine is the way a region’s unique ecological relationships become manifested through delicious food.

At the same time the Mission Hills Business Improvement District is also going through some big changes. With more involvement from our local owners we are aware of the endless possibilities for neighborhood enhancement and engagement and are aligning ourselves to use our very limited budget in ways that can best help our businesses and improve our community.

I appreciate the many business owners and residents who have shared with me their thoughtful ideas, hopes and dreams for tackling neighborhood issues and promoting neighborhood involvement. An often mentioned priority continues to be beautification and traffic safety on West Washington and on Reynard Way. The Mission Hills BID will explore ways to collaborate on these projects with all of the representative groups in Mission Hills.

I’ve become much more mindful that when we try to work on one project, accomplish one task or pick out anything by itself we find that it, and we, are joined with everything else in the universe. And that realization has led me to focus on collaboration and connectedness as I move forward in both the business and the BID. Mission Hills is a neighborhood resplendent with residents and business owners with talent, energy and drive. A flourishing community is the result of unique personal resources, talents and compassion becoming manifested through interpersonal relationships.

Thanks to those of you who attended the Joint Meeting on Crime Prevention and Homelessness on February 25. San Diego City Councilmember Todd Gloria and San Diego Police Department’s Officer David Surwilo were there to hear our concerns and share what they plan to do to improve safety in Mission Hills. We especially thank Reverend Karen and the Mission Hills United Methodist Church membership for offering their sanctuary for this meeting.

We’re excited by the increased turnout at the BID’S committee meetings. New attendees bring new energy! We look forward to an improved BID online business directory and website, new projects and activities. To learn more about what is happening in our Business Improvement District please join us on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. at Mission Hills Books and Collectibles.

At the upcoming Wednesday, March 18 Mission Hills BID board of director’s meeting a portion of time will be devoted to seeking input from Mission Hills business owners and residents about future parking district funded projects for Mission Hills. Please plan to attend and have your voice heard.

Finally, mark your calendars for Sunday, April 26th for the Mission Hills Free Bike-In Movie Night & Neighborhood Ride.

Please check our website for the most up-to-date information on these meetings, events and more.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find that it is hitched to everything else in the Universe” — John Muir.

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