Clothing Innovation Meets Automotive Creations

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Aubree Lynnby Aubree Lynn

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Daniel Pharis, who will soon be known for his role with innovation of automobile design. Pharis has developed a new approach to designing automobiles. He has transformed the designs that a model wears on the runway to vehicles being driven on the streets.

Pharis is a second term student at the Art Center College of Design, pursuing a degree in transportation design. He has always been interested in design and has sketched cars from a young age. He is excited about his future and what his education is allowing him to experience, “I am very fortunate to be able to attend one of the best design schools in the world,” offered Pharis, who is nearing his fifth term when he is able to intern. He desires to go to Europe, designing and eventually end up in a California Studio.

As designers of fashion and automobiles we are always seeking inspiration, and new ways of approaching design and function. We look for ways of evoking emotions through form, providing solutions and developing strong aesthetics and/or character. Pharis shared his recent experience as my guest of Fashion Week San Diego, “I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion, and Aubree Lynn was kind enough, to invite me to Fashion Week San Diego 2013.”

When first talking to Pharis about the idea of coming to Fashion Week San Diego, for more inspiration outside of his norm, he was enthusiastic and excited to see what my world was all about. I then decided it would be an awesome collaboration to have Daniel Pharis create some sketches of what was portrayed on the runway and making them into his own car concepts. Even though his schooling is demanding and deadlines are constant he agreed. I was eager to see what he would design.

Here in Pharis’ own words he describes in detail his process of the sketches from three designers’ photos. Left to right is Danh Ta, Ashley Raymond and NOiA, which were featured on the finale night of Fashion Week San Diego:

“These are sketches I did for Fashion Week. I took the form of the fabric and feel of what it was doing and slowly emulated it into a vehicle sketch. I first like to observe the design. I figure out whether it is soft or angular, flowing or rigid. I then figure out what the form is doing by sketching it and extracting it into ‘volumized’ proportions. It’s important to keep the essence of the inspiration, so I try to implement features and main character lines, while also paying close attention to feel of the sketch itself.”

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