“Come on baby… Light My Fire!”

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A new rock musical called “Light My Fire” will be making its debut and it promises to shake up the theater scene.  “Light My Fire” is equal parts theater and concert as it depicts the lives of Jim Morrison and The Doors. Utilizing multi-media (as well as a cast of energetic singers, dancers, and a live onstage band) “Light My Fire” recreates the psychedelic roller coaster of the 1960’s, and stars three talented young men as Jim Morrison (Matthew Hasle, Levi Foster and Jules Tursini).  “Light My Fire” is scheduled for 5 p.m., Sunday, March 26 and April 16 at The Grand Ritz Theater, located at 301 E. Grand Avenue in Escondido.

When asked the question, “Why did you want to be a part of this show?,” Hasle is quoted as saying, “I wanted to be a part of this show first because of the love I have for the Doors music. They’ve been one of my favorite bands since I started listening to music going back to when I was just a kid. As an actor and a musician, Jim Morrison is the coolest role I’ve ever had the chance to play. He’s truly iconic but humble and grounded. I hope people who see the show feel like they discover something new about Jim.

Of course, I want to show the wild, sexy and often reckless Lizard King, but I think it’s also important to show the quiet poet that was too shy to face the audience. And also, I think it’s important to show the sense of humor he had. I don’t think he took himself too seriously and there’s something very charming about someone who lives life with that kind of freedom.”

At the center of The Doors’ mystique is the magnetic presence of singer-poet Jim Morrison, the leather-clad “Lizard King” who brought the riveting power of a shaman to the microphone. Constantly challenging censorship and conventional wisdom, Morrison’s lyrics delved into primal issues of sex, violence, freedom and the spirit. He outraged authority figures, braved intimidation and arrest, and followed the road of excess toward the palace of wisdom.

Over the course of six extraordinary albums and countless boundary-smashing live performances, he inexorably changed the course of rock music. Morrison died in 1971 in Paris at the age of 27. His gravesite is now a tourist attraction.

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Three talented young men will perform as Jim Morrison (Matthew Hasle, Levi Foster and Jules Tursini) in “Light My Fire.”

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