December “Block” Party at the Mission Hills Library

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The Friends of the Mission Hills-Hillcrest Branch Library will create a “LEGOS in the Library” program and ask friends and neighbors to “recycle” LEGO sets your children have outgrown, or donate funds for purchase of enough Box 4 Blox storage organizers to hold your donations.

Beginning in December, children can attend a weekly “LEGO play party” at the library to build imaginative creations using donated LEGO bricks.

You are probably wondering what the connection is between LEGOS and books.

According to a study by Dorothy Singer of Yale University called Play = Learning, “promoting play contributes to early literacy development by increasing attention span, memory, creativity, and language and vocabulary skills.”

For example, in their play with construction material (such as LEGO bricks) children perform many informal investigations involving mathematical ideas. They stack unit bricks to a particular height, extend them for a certain length, and determine just the right size brick to use in a particular place.

Please help the Friends of the Mission Hills-Hillcrest Branch Library build, brick by brick, block by block, a staircase to success for our future scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Drop off at 925 W Washington Street or call (619) 692-4910 and we will pick up your donation.

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