Dirty Politics Continues from City Hall

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If you haven’t seen the recent malfeasance being initiated by Mayor Todd Gloria’s appointed officials, here’s what you should know.

There are three guys who appear to be a part of a team effort to create chaos by targeting communities with false campaign literature, coercing family members to initiate lawsuits, and wastefully funding these efforts.

It reeks of immaturity and lack of professionalism which is directed back to the person who chose these individuals to function in high-ranking official capacities.  When I review their qualifications, I ask, “Why were they chosen?” 

Well now it’s obvious, to be the mayor’s henchmen, evil doers, minions.

The three people I am referring to were also recently identified by the OB Rag and UT for their unscrupulous antics. They are Shawn VanDiver whose mother, Helen, filed a lawsuit against mayoral candidate Larry Turner. VanDiver sits on the San Diego Convention Center Board and was appointed to the mayor’s San Diego Military Advisory Council.

Next is Guillermo “Gil” Cabrera. He set up a political action committee in called New San Diego. He was appointed to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority by Gloria and also runs a charity that solicits donations to support the mayor. The evidence in the lawsuit against Larry Turner was collected by a private investigator paid for by New San Diego. Cabrera also was responsible for sending out attack fliers against fellow Democrat Lori Saldana for Gloria back in 2022 and was reprimanded for his actions by the court.

City Hall in downtown San Diego.

The third guy is Ryan Clumpner, a political consultant who also serves as vice chair of the San Diego Housing Commission. He was the guy who hired the private investigator who surveilled mayoral candidate Larry Turner, according to a New San Diego campaign disclosure. The investigator was paid for by the committee.

At last review, New San Diego has paid about $200,000 on their fraudulent campaign literature to promote someone who has identified as Republican. However, she is not endorsed by the Republican Party.  There are allegations that she was encouraged to run by said group when no other Republican candidates came forward.

Do you not find it odd and alarming that these three Todd Gloria associates, who definitely should know better, are acting like grade school age children? 

It appears that this is the new norm in the city of San Diego under the reign of the current mayor. Rather than letting the voters decide which candidates should run in November’s election, the Mayor’s henchmen are tampering with democracy and trying to determine who the Mayor’s opponent will be.  Without such election interference, who knows if the incumbent would even make it into the top two candidates for the November run off?

Personally, I am embarrassed for the city that this type of childish action is happening.   

Why do Clumpner, Cabrera and VanDiver think that their actions aren’t going to impact their future careers and official positions?

Anyone with any common sense and values would agree.  They need to lose their positions on the boards and commissions due to their unprofessional and dishonest actions, better known as malfeasance.

Shame on each of them and anyone who encourages or even tolerates this type of unethical behavior and attitude!

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