DIY Shower in Honor of Monroe

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by Stylishly Aubree Lynn

Aubree Lynn is wearing a Territa Torres Designs from the maternity line collection.

Producing events comes easy for my mom and me. The creation and execution are never short of exceptional. When we decided to plan the shower of my soon to be daughter, Monroe, I thought we would play off of my son’s theme of deer and woodland type animals. I had thought to incorporate some sort of tropical birds for her theme and find a bird that would be her animal. However, while looking up birds, nothing was sticking. I just couldn’t figure out why none of this was coming together as smoothly as usual. Then it clicked. She is a girl; she is my daughter. Hello! I suddenly thought fashion, style and magazines. It hit me like a ton of editorial prints. This was a no brainier and would be the theme for my daughter’s shower.

My mom and I got excited and started right away. We created the invitation imitating a magazine cover with Monroe being the title and my silhouette gracing the front cover. It was uniquely me, and perfect as a shower invite.

Days proceeded while ideas were being tossed around. Suddenly my mom says to me, “I’m kicking you to the curb in a good way. Do you trust me to plan your shower?”

Knowing my mom and all that we have created together, I stated, “Absolutely, and thank you for taking charge.”

I had spoken to our dessert extraordinaire artist and family friend, Theresa Brunston. She had created our wedding and baby boy’s shower cakes and was excited and happy to gift us with these fashion-themed cupcakes.

Territa Torres Designs’ maternity line collection was my first choice for a dress for the occasion. That’s because we are currently collaborating on her maternity summer wear. The last time I wore maternity wear by Territa Torres Designs was for the spring show, just a few months back. We received numerous compliments for her designs. The dress I wore at the spring show was tailor made to fit me and my baby bump, with complementary colors and Torres’ signature pleats.

Time was fast advancing on the shower date. As expected, I was excited to see what I was going to wear on that special day, celebrating with the people I love the birth of my little baby girl, Monroe Lynn.

The day arrived and the theme of the shower was immediately seen as guests stepped from their vehicles and on to the curb. It was throughout the house and onto the patio. Throughout the property there were specially placed magazine pages, vintage shoes, purses, hats, scarfs, a DIY headband boutique, the dress form that included the baby bump that Territa had used to fit me, fashionable pictures, and special touches from my mom and even grandmother. The day’s activities included brunch and a “who wore it best” shoe and hat contest.

As departing gifts, guests were given handmade purses made out of magazines that would open to feature some of my favorite baby cravings.

The entire shower was “off the chart” with creativity. I have never experienced anything like it and was honored that it was thrown on behalf of my daughter, Monroe, and me.

Heartfelt thanks go out to my mother, Tina Lynn, who provided a unique celebration honoring the birth of Monroe. Special thanks to Melissa, who assisted and gifted her home for the occasion. Theresa did an impressive job with the cupcakes, and Territa designed an amazing and perfectly mastered maternity dress.

Monroe Lynn, though you weren’t present in person, you are loved. And, we are ready for your arrival.

Thank you to all the guests who came to celebrate. You all have a special place in my heart.

To see this whole event, including the invitation, visit at StylishlyAubreeLynn -DIY Invitation Invite to Party Favor-Celebrating Monroe.


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