Fashion Week San Diego’s Spring Showcase Blooms at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad

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Territa Torres Designs and Artemesa Rivas Jewelry came together to create a harmonizing ensemble to complement the floral backdrop. Photograph by Diana DelZio.

A water color wonderland, a natural existence of beauty, blooming buds that look like an array of the colors of sunset, this site is actually a place and it’s called The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. If you haven’t seen it, you need to go; and be prepared to take a camera and photograph all of its unique qualities.

Allison Andrews secured this venue for the Fashion Week San Diego Spring Showcase. It was not only a scene of all that spring entails, but an epic show in the midst of the beautiful blooming buds.

17 designers showcased an outfit or two from their collection that will be hitting the fall runway in October. There was just enough of a “glimpse” to make your mind wonder and crave more of what is to come in the months ahead.

I wore the latest full outfit of last year’s Designer Territa Torres. Torres and I collaborated on the beginning of her new maternity line and I was honored to be able to wear her first full outfit at this event. She made a pants suit with pleats running down the side of the pants and a cape jacket in a bold floral print. Both clothing elements spoke to the venue and complemented the array of flowers that had been planted in the fields.

I paired it with the ever so talented Artemesa Rivas Jewelry elements. Dressing my wrist was a gold, metal flower cuff bracelet with pearls and crystals protruding from the center. And complimentary crystal earrings hung down an inch from my ear lobes. When the sun caught them, colors of purple and pastels seemed to dance in the daylight.

The show was short and sweet and left you on a high note. Maybe it was the fresh air or maybe it was the overwhelming excitement of the runway attire. Whatever it was, in essence, it left excitement for the fall show and so much more to be desired.

For more on this new maternity clothing line, visit or my youtube at Stylishly Aubree Lynn.


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