Friends of Balboa Park Initiate Water Conservation Efforts

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Staff and volunteers work together to install water conservation systems in Balboa Park.

Staff and volunteers work together to install water conservation systems in Balboa Park.

By Patty Ducey-Brooks

For all of us who live in California, water is precious and we know we need to do our part to protect and preserve it. Fortunately, there are many San Diegans who feel the same and are actively doing their part for this effort.

Recently I learned that Friends of Balboa Park is leading the effort to conserve water in the open spaces of Balboa Park. The Plaza de Balboa Smartscape Project incorporates many elements of the Friends’ Water-Wise program to optimize water use, maximize irrigation resources, and install smartscaping to incorporate more drought tolerant native plants in the Park’s gardens. .

Friends of Balboa Park, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has invested more than $3 million in Balboa Park since its founding in 1999. Its mission is to preserve the legacy of Balboa Park for future generations through park-wide projects. The Friends are proud to be initiating this water-wise project to build a sustainable model of responsible water use for future generations.

“Due to significant funding from our community partners including San Diego Women’s Foundation, SDG&E, and private donors, we are able to complete these cutting-edge projects in the Park that benefit all San Diego residents and visitors,” offers current Chair Ann Wilson.

Members of the San Diego Women’s Foundation (SDWF) are investing their grant dollars into programs that help address San Diego’s water quality and/or conservation issues. This is of critical importance to our region and an issue that affects everyone. After a thorough grants vetting process, Friends of Balboa Park was one of four organizations that received funding. SDWF awarded Friends of Balboa Park $40,000 for the Plaza de Balboa Smartscape Project.
This is an exciting project because the program optimizes the water usage in the Plaza de Balboa area. It reclaims water from building rooftops and air conditioning condensation to provide “water-wise” irrigation. Equally exciting is that the process and results will be shared with others and be expanded, ultimately conserving more and more water.
Congratulations to all who have partnered to make water conservation a priority and for taking the necessary steps to make this a reality. More information is available at

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