Friendships – The Gifts of Our Lifetime

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Patty Ducey-Brooks and Kevin Fulton taking a break during a video shoot.

Patty Ducey-Brooks and Kevin Fulton taking a break during a video shoot.

As we begin to celebrate the Christmas season, I am reminded that this is commonly known as the month of giving. However, I’ve been making a concerted effort to not make it about materialistic giving. I’d like to think of this as a time of honoring our families and friends and all that they bring to our lives. They truly are gifts of our lifetime.

This past year has forced me to really appreciate the people in my life, especially those who suddenly appeared and made a lasting impact, and then suddenly disappeared. I lost two very special friends this past year. My dear friend Cheryl Hoff used to sing with me at Saint Vincent de Paul Church in Mission Hills. We shared a love for music and the church community. Cheryl was one of my closest allies as I went through a very messy and painful divorce. I will never forget her kindness and generosity. Cheryl passed away in October from cancer. She left behind a husband and a one-year old daughter.

My other friend, who I’ve known since 1996, is Kevin Fulton. Kevin and I met when I was producing the largest New Year’s Eve celebration on the West Coast, First Night San Diego. Kevin and his brothers were a media team that helped me to produce the event.

Kevin continued to go in and out of my life for the next 18 years. He continued a career in broadcast media and would develop a respected reputation, locally and nationally. We would reconnect over various events that he or I was producing and promoting.

About four years ago, Kevin got very involved with the Presidio Sentinel. He helped to provide new energy to the publication. We had some exciting plans for the publication and our respective careers. We were always encouraging each other. That’s why I was extremely excited when Kevin was hired to be a producer at KUSI TV almost two years ago. He would call and email me with story ideas. I would offer my assistance and be there whenever he asked. And, Kevin was always just an email and phone call away. He was a true friend.

Kevin also recently passed away from cancer.

The loss of both of these special friends caused me to question so much that I believe in. They were young and full of energy. They had so much to give and contribute to society. Both of them were generous friends. They gave without hesitation.

Now that some time has passed, I’ve become to realize that I have been feeling a serious loss for my friends. I’ve been struggling with “why?”

Today it hit me that I can’t dwell on their loss. Instead I need to be reminded of what they gave. They didn’t ask for anything in return. They valued our friendship.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas that is filled with family and the gift of friendship. If you are blessed with both, be generous with your words and thoughts and share lots of goodwill and love.

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