Happy Half-Birthday

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I wonder if I am the only person in the world to celebrate half-birthdays. It is a wonderful way to celebrate yourself with no expectations and no disappointments. Here is why you should do it and how.

Birthdays are a big deal in most families.  When we are young, we hope for a party with lots of presents.  When we become teenagers, we hope to get something special from a special someone.  As adults, we hope for this as well.  I had several exciting birthday parties.  One was on a “stream liner train” which made a couple of stops before returning to the original station.  There was one which either wasn’t actually my birthday, but some kids thought it was, or one where almost no one came.  I remember being mortified.  I’m not sure if it was because kids showed up who shouldn’t have or because kids didn’t show up who should have. 

Most of the subsequent birthdays are lost to memory.  As an adult, I’ve had a couple of really special birthdays: three surprise parties in one year.  Two were given by two of my high school English classes despite the vice-principal’s spilling the beans saying, “No parties!”  A third was given by a friend. The parties mean less; the birthdays mean less.  At least for me they begin to be just another day.

My half-birthdays are different. First, a half birthday is special because only the person who has reached another half year notices or cares. This is an excuse to celebrate oneself. You don’t advertise it or expect anyone to notice. For me, it means wearing pretty underwear. My outer garb is not important, but matching bra and panties are essential. I also must be showered, made up, hair washed and nicely coiffed.  I don’t need a beauty parlor or a manicure, but it is an idea I might try next year. A clean car might add to the festivities some year. Beach walks are a lovely way to celebrate.

This day should have some time devoted to something special just for you. I usually take myself to lunch for something I love. For me, a lobster roll or a Wiener Schnitzel chili cheese dog with sauerkraut and onions might be perfect. Then you might look for something you really want.  It need not be expensive. One year I purchased a grapefruit knife. I almost never need a grapefruit knife, but when I did and didn’t have one, I was annoyed. Hence, I now have a grapefruit knife.  While I rarely buy grapefruit, the knife makes removing the choke from a raw or parboiled artichoke a breeze.

The best part about a half birthday is being whatever age you are and a half! This year I turned 81 and a half.  I took myself out to lunch and bought a used book. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Now it’s fun to be 81 and a half instead of boring plain 81.

Beach walks can be the ideal half birthday celebration.

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