Healthy Life Choices for the New You

| January 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

by Violet Green

I recently reminisced about holiday childhood traditions with a friend. We were shocked at the amount of sugar and fat in all of our favorite foods, couldn’t believe the gender inequality in many of our cherished holiday videos, and were surprised when singing the lyrics to some traditional songs. Oh how my consciousness has shifted!

In celebrating with friends and family, I get caught up in the spirit too. The holidays tend to be a time of overindulgent eating and drinking and then a time for resolutions and recovery at the start of the new year. This year, I find myself called to follow some advice that’s been shared with me about approaching life one day, one choice, one moment at a time. A practice in which I focus on what’s in front of me NOW doesn’t require me to always think about “what’s next?” and allows me to be more present. It’s a small, singular step but a powerful one. I’ve been practicing it for a few days now and noticing a shift in myself.

Often times we judge ourselves harshly and then feel full of shame and regret when we’ve made a “bad” decision. I’m now allowing myself to make decisions with no judgement. If I choose to eat this buttery cookie now, it’s okay. Maybe I want to stay up late catching up with friends and this means I’ll miss out on rest, but it also means that I have a chance to reconnect.

Choices have consequences. I have learned that eating too many carbohydrate-laden foods make me feel lethargic; and less than seven hours of sleep means I’ll have a tough time waking in the morning. But, my new perspective helps me to make different choices. Am I staying up laughing with friends or sitting in front of the television letting my mind slip away?

I’ve encouraged my herbal clients to use this approach too. As you probably know, herbal blends need to be taken consistently, over time, in order to have the desired effect on the body. This is a good way to choose health again and again, one decision at a time. Will you choose to eat nutritiously, drink your water, and make your herbal tea today? If you choose yes, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of health.

One simple way to start on the path of herbal remedies is to make yourself a cup of organic tea. Peppermint tea is a delicious beginner tea. You can drink it to clear your head, whether it’s from the crazy, busy energy around you or to inhale its scent to soothe your throat and clear your congested sinuses. It relaxes the smooth muscles in your digestive tract too, so it’s especially helpful if you’ve overindulged and are experiencing cramps. If you’re pregnant, try spearmint instead. Keep in mind that all mints have a drying effect, so are only recommended for lactating mothers when they are trying to dry up their milk.

What will you choose to do in this moment?

Solstice Mandala by Violet Green.

Solstice Mandala by Violet Green.

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