“His Place at the Table,” a memoir by ENF’s Co-Founder, Diane Nares

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Diane Nares’ memoir is a powerful tribute to her son and an inspiring journey that led to the creation of the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF). It’s a story of love, resilience, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of children battling cancer.

“His Place at the Table” is about my son Emilio, his cancer diagnosis at three years old, and the rollercoaster ride my husband Richard and I traveled in the attempt to save Emilio’s life. In an instant, upon hearing the profoundly painful words, “your child has cancer,” we took a rapid plunge into the depths of Dante’s inferno, with absolutely no idea how we would ever get through this nightmare.

My book recounts the highs and lows with uncommon honesty. Although my unrelenting optimism and fortitude were challenged beyond limits, I show the reader that love can be a lifeline. I go back in time and speak to my later-in-life opportunity to find meaningful love, marriage, and motherhood. Richard and I were unwavering in our commitment to one another, as grief took us into unchartered territories.

Ultimately, through our spiritual strength and the expansion of our “family” by establishing the Emilio Nares Foundation, we found ways to heal and transform our lives. Emilio’s Legacy continues, as the little boy who inspired a movement.

Diane Nares is the co-founder of the Emilio Nares Foundation, a non-profit charity which provides transportation and other vital support to families who are navigating through their child’s journey with cancer. Nares expresses her passion for life in a wide range of pursuits, from comforting parents who have lost their child, to participating in family bereavement groups, to hosting ENF’s annual food & beverage fundraiser. Born in Los Angeles, Diane Nares is a “self-proclaimed” later-in-life wife and mother to her only child, Emilio. Emilio lost his life to leukemia shortly before his sixth birthday. In addition to being a respected speaker, Nares enjoys traveling internationally, swimming, yoga, cooking, and hiking with her husband, Richard.

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