Honey Like I Have Never Tasted

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We have a new retail business in Old Town San Diego that is titled Savage Bee-ches®.  As the name implies, it has to do with bees.  So, when the proprietor reached out to me to introduce herself, I was eager to learn more about this business and learn the reference to bees, which is one of my favorite insects.  The reason is, they pollinate and create honey, which is a delicacy for many of us. Surprisingly, I recently learned of honey’s many amazing, delicious aromas and flavors based on the location of the beehives.

Kemi Pavlocak is the proprietor of Savage Bee-ches® with a store in Old Town San Diego.

Before sharing this wonderful newfound reality about honey, let me introduce you to Kemi and Mike Pavlocak who are originally from Brooklyn, New York. Kemi met her husband when they were both stationed in Greece in the military. Fast forward to their being based in San Diego, which they said allowed them to be closer to nature, a peaceful and therapeutic setting.  Eventually they came across a plot of land about 80 acres next to the Anza Borrego Desert State Park that had fallen into neglect. They saw it as an opportunity to clean it up and turn it into a sustainable agritourism area. 

What I quickly learned is that Kemi and Mike took over Montezuma Valley Market, now known as Ranchita Bodega. The store is in Ranchita, which is also vital to the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s the only pit stop around the 100-mile marker for hikers, cyclists, and ultra-marathoners who pass through. So, in addition to the market, they have an outdoor leisure component to the store.

According to Kemi, the two stores’ locations couldn’t be any different. They started with the rural store five years ago and opened the Old Town store in summer 2023. 

Add to that, Kemi and Mike are responsible for O’Shun’s Orchard LLC, which is an agricultural, retail, and eco-tourism company. According to Kemi, O’Shun’s Orchard LLC first started with 80 acres of raw trashed land with great potential.  It is adjacent to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Becoming their first land development project to turn 80 acres into a sustainable working fruit orchard integrated with aquaculture and the native chaparral.

The key products are local raw honey, local handmade furniture, and craft beer. The bees reside on the high elevation 80 acres that boasts endless smorgasbord of shrubs, desert flowers, and cacti.

Kemi is also the beekeeper. She offered, “My ladies (bees) are so pampered. I make it a point to harvest no more than 20 percent of their surplus, and it’s all done in small batch collections. I can say without a doubt that my bees are happy and well fed. I’m so proud of them.”

O’Shun’s Orchard also has a tech development segment. This is where Kemi and Mike see technology to solve problems that they’ve encountered in building their business, including a design phase for pest management.  They didn’t like the options available to them while planning for the orchard. They are very certain most small farmers/orchardist feel the same way.

So back to the honey and its many different aromas and flavors.  What I quickly learned is that plants and the surroundings become food for bees who will affect the taste and texture of the honey that they create. 

At their store in Old Town San Diego, located at 2802 Juan Street, unit 19, I got to sample a variety of the honey offered that originated on their land in the high desert.  Buckwheat is nuttier in flavor with a darker coloring.  Blueberry is fruity and lighter.  Avocado is rich and flavorful. 

Other options from outside of San Diego County include a coffee flavored and aromatic honey which is from Hawaii.  And there’s also chicory from Oregon, which contains a carrot/chocolate aroma that is thick in texture and very tantalizing.

It’s no doubt that Kemi and Mike Pavlocak have mastered the skill of bee keeping and honey sourcing.

As their website states, “in fields of flowers, a miracle resides, a golden elixir, nature’s sweetest prize. From buzzing bees, a labor of devotion, comes liquid gold, honey.”

At Savage Bee-ches® exceptional quality meets artisanal craftsmanship in every small batch of honey. They take pride in producing, sourcing, and offering a premium selection of honey varieties, each carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality. Discover your source for the finest honey.

By the way, honey has great health benefits.  Honey contains probiotics, and it has an antioxidant that improves brain functions.


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