It’s Time for Change in Congress

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Larry Wilske and his wife Therese live in Midtown and are the proud parents of four daughters and two grandchildren.

Larry Wilske and his wife Therese live in Midtown and are the proud parents of four daughters and two grandchildren.

A very common message from people who are frustrated with national government is that “we need to make significant changes in Congress.” I agree. However, change doesn’t happen unless “we” make a concerted effort to elect new people to Congress.

Early this year, I started meeting with Larry Wilske, a retired command master chief of SEAL Team Seven. Wilske is a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Navy who served with distinction on various SEAL teams. After retiring from the military in 2013, he made a decision to continue to service his country. That’s when he began to campaign as a candidate for California’s 53rd Congressional District, representing his hometown. He is running on a platform that supports small businesses and job creation, fiscally responsible budgeting and taxation policies, and a constitutionalist approach to governance, including states’ rights as defined in the Tenth Amendment.

From the first meeting I knew that Wilske was a breath of fresh air. He’s smart and has done extensive work to understand the needs of those who might be his constituents. Wilske is not afraid of hard work and dealing with serious life changing issues. That’s obvious by his military experience, successes and challenges. I’ve learned that Wilske had more than 60 bones broken during his time in the military. He understands perseverance and believes in setting an example.

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Wilske deployed to Afghanistan as operations chief of task force Ka-Bar, a U.S.-led coalition of special operations forces from eight nations. Wilske and his SEAL Team Three teammates were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action for this tour of duty. As command master chief of SEAL Team Seven, Wilske would go on to oversee hundreds of complex missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. For his final tour of duty, he was chosen as the first SEAL master chief to be stationed at the U.S. Naval War College and teach at the Navy Senior Enlisted Academy. During his tenure, he had the opportunity to educate a new generation of leaders. Wilske wrote and introduced lectures on Ethos and the Elements of National Power, both of which remain part of the curriculum today.

Wilske has also written a book that I find very informative and thought-provoking. It’s titled “Leadership from the Middle to the Top.” In the book there are many valuable quotes, including “Success lies in the people that work for you.” I found that extremely refreshing that he would emphasize the importance of this point, that we need others to help us to be successful. After several talks with Wilske, it’s obvious, he knows how important this message is for business and government operations.

When asked how he would like to inform others about his commitment to the office of congressman, Wilske offered, “There is much work to be done. A top priority is ensuring economic opportunity for all Americans. We need to create jobs for working families and foster a supportive environment for small business owners. Local governments must regain power over decisions that should be made here at home – not in Washington. Growing up in the schools, Boys Clubs and YMCAs of San Diego, I have strong ties to virtually every neighborhood in our district. The words ‘Call Your Congressman’ matter to me I will be a national advocate for American principles but also for local issues here at home.”

The 53rd District represents a snapshot of Wilske’s life growing up in San Diego. He attended John Paul Jones and St. Columbia elementary schools, Kearny High School, University of San Diego High School, San Diego community colleges, and National University. As an active community leader, Wilske has supported local organizations including Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station, Bonita Optimist Club and the San Diego Wrestling Association. He has coached wrestling teams throughout San Diego County and has the honor of having his athletic achievements recognized at the San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. He and his wife Therese live in Midtown and are the proud parents of four daughters and two grandchildren.

Without a doubt, we need leaders in congress, who bring an uncommon fearlessness, perseverance and integrity to a job that demands it. It’s time for change and I believe Larry Wilske is the choice for the 53rd District. To learn more, visit

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