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Community Groups Join Efforts

By Patty Ducey-Brooks

Yard signs have gone up around the city sharing the message of Save San Diego’s Character.

I have been very fortunate in my lifetime to observe and participate in community collaborations where people from different backgrounds, skills and experiences have made great things happen. It started when I was a youngster, observing my parents as they worked with other residents and business owners in their community to “change the course of action” with regards to environmental issues and neighboring businesses. 

Several years back I was a member of a collaboration that represented neighbors and businesses in Southeast San Diego that were attempting to “change the course” of crime that had mostly happened due to conditions created by the Department of Health & Human Services.  As a collaboration, we were able to help move a large portion of the services to satellite locations, which improved the quality of life for this neighborhood. It was extremely rewarding to see what we could accomplish working together with our diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences.

Today, there are several groups, including Save San Diego’s Character, Save San Diego’s Access, and Neighbors for a Better San Diego, that are making great strides due to their commitment to “change the course” on various issues that will impact all San Diegans.  I am proud to state that I am working with each of these groups to educate others about the good work they are doing, not to benefit themselves, but the lives of all San Diegans.

In this issue, Neighbors for a Better San Diego has an Op-ed piece on page 4 that educates us on what has happened in San Diego due to new ADU regulations (or lack of). Thankfully, this group is comprised of people who have the skills and experience to explain and address this with our elected officials, some who are responsible for the change of regulations, and increased density in urban San Diego. 

This is a serious matter that all homeowners, and those who plan to purchase a home, should be aware of.  Our elected officials are making changes to regulations and zoning laws, including SB9 and SB10, which makes it possible for developers to forever change the character of our neighborhoods. That’s what our neighbors, the Talmadge and Kensington communities, are already experiencing. 

What all of us must realize is that we can no longer be spectators.  We must get involved.

That’s what Save San Diego’s Character and Save San Diego’s Access are accomplishing.  When Save San Diego’s character began, there were six Mission Hills’ neighbors who shared similar concerns about the Navy’s “proposed plan” for the NAVWAR site in the Old Town district.  Now, there are upward of 3,000 people from throughout the County of San Diego who have joined Save San Diego’s Character effort and are sharing the following message.

Save San Diego’s Character, which represents neighbors, business owners, and community leaders is committed to responsible modernization of the NAVWAR site, which is referred to as Alternative 1 (not 2-5):

  • Alternative 1 prioritizes vital Navy modernization and gives time for city, community, and historic organization discourse on housing and transit decisions. 
  • Alternatives 2-5 would introduce up to a 320-foot glass wall around Old Town, eliminating public views, creating crushing density (70,000 added car trips a day), and marring the character and historical integrity of San Diego.  

Save San Diego’s Character is requesting consideration on the following fronts:

  • An expanded awareness and public comment time to engage more residents in the process to be informed and respond.
  • Our local City and State officials take a stance on what is in the best interest of San Diego and resident concerns.
  • Continued advocacy for Alternative 1 being the highest and best use of that land with minimal damage to the character, cultural and aesthetic appeal of San Diego. 

Like the light tower at Cabrillo Monument, Save San Diego’s Character hopes to guide the Navy and correct its course to do what is right for San Diego

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