Leonard Simpson’s 10 Best Dressed Awards 2013

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Musician Nominee David Patrone and Stylist Aubree Lynn at Leonard Simpsons 10  Best Dressed Awards 2013. Lynn is wearing a dress by Cynthia Gutierrez and jewelry by Artemisa Rivas.

Musician Nominee David Patrone and Stylist Aubree Lynn at Leonard Simpsons 10
Best Dressed Awards 2013. Lynn is wearing a dress by Cynthia Gutierrez and jewelry by Artemisa Rivas.

Miracle Babies Charity
By Aubree Lynn, stylist/writer/producer

I had the honor of attending Leonard Simpson’s 10 Best Dressed Awards as a guest of musician nominee David Patrone. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Mr. Patrone’s music. If not, you need to check out this crooning musician who is filling our city with sweet tunes. I invite you to seek him out. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

The Charity event benefitted Miracle Babies, a great non-profit organization that helps families with critically-ill newborns, in need of support and financial assistance. The charity also provides education, prevention and medical care. With this charity at the forefront of the event it was a truly inspiring night, sprinkled in with a little bit of glamour and entertainment throughout the evening.

Now being a stylist it is important to make your clients look fabulous. However, it is also imperative that you shine at the events. With that being my objective, I was able to piece together an ensemble that I was personally excited about, thanks to a few talented San Diego designers.

The first piece of inspiration was a dress created by Designer CG Cynthia Gutierrez. This floor length, open back, peacock inspired dress with a train of tulle blew me away the first time I saw it on the runway for Fashion Week San Diego. Ms. Gutierrez was gracious enough to let me borrow it for the evening.

Then I set my sites on my hair to be a faux hawk style with braids sweeping around the sides of my head. Thanks to hair stylist Kendall Schmidt, this look was achieved with no trial run and in only an hour max. She is a hairstyle genius!

After getting the dress and hair positioned I still had to think of my face. My amazing friend, Jade Brunston, came to the rescue. She created a colorful edge to my eyes that complimented the entire package, fierce and beautiful.

To fully complete the look you can’t forget the bling. So I went to the best jewelry artist I know in San Diego, Artemisa Rivas, who allowed me to select a cuff and four-inch drop earrings that fully completed my head to toe vision.

I had so many compliments that night, more than I can count. My ultimate experience was that I realized this is what I was born to do, gather together great artists, great pieces and make a look happen that transforms people into masterpieces of artistic beauty.

I rarely get to indulge and become the center of attention and be made up on a grand scale. However, I know that if this had been one of my clients, stepping on to the red carpet in what I had envisioned for myself, they would have won their own “best dressed” that night. It was fun to be on the “receiving side” of this creative effort.

In closing, I would like to personally thank the random people I grabbed from the bar that night to join us: Tricia Beel, Jette Via, Juan Vierheller. My special thanks to David Patrone, who if he had not been nominated I would not have been given the opportunity to attend. I also want to thank my lady associates who helped me to piece together my look: CG Cynthia Gutierrez, Artemisa Rivas, Kendall Schmidt and Jade Brunston, along with the lady at Spa N Company for doing my nails.

I also want to express a special thanks to Leonard Simpson for choosing Miracle Babies for the charity and putting on yet again another fabulous Fashion Forward Event.

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