Lizz Russell: Runway to Red Carpet

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From left to right are Hannah Joya, Marilyn Tedesco, Julie Jukich, Lizz Russell, Mary Joya and Dr. Florendo Danny Joya.

From left to right are Hannah Joya, Marilyn Tedesco, Julie Jukich, Lizz Russell, Mary Joya and Dr. Florendo Danny Joya.

by Aubree Lynn, Stylist/Writer/Producer

A black and white affair started off the collection. Then elegant sex-appeal took over the runway with jewels by Brandy Kevin Russell that hung with safety pins and beads, which caught the light and shimmered. Chic white shift dresses with wraps and loose flowing ends seemed to float, while colorful trains with fitted lines made for an appealing sight. Bouffant skirts put a new twist to the runway and were reminiscent of time when fashion was truly a class act.

Though I can touch on the many attributes of Lizz Russell’s Collection, her shows are so much more touching then the imagery that makes a wardrobe.

This is the first Lizz Russell show that I was able to attend covering as a member of the press. Watching the designs from the crowd was all the more encompassing, especially as I realized what Russell brings to the viewer. Celebrity and International Designer Lizz Russell is a true testimony of giving back. She is now also telling her personal story in her new book, “Smiling on the Inside,” which touches on her own dealings with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) and Chronic Inflammatory Dermyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP).

This was not just a runway show but a night to honor Dr. Florencio Joya, who was diagnosed with GBS disease while preparing for his U.S Medical Board Exam, which later lead to CIDP. Within six months his body became paralyzed. With amazing determination he was able to pass two board exams and apply to several hospitals. As the body became consumed, Dr. Joya was unable to practice so he used his time to volunteer at hospitals and provide philanthropic service. Through his efforts and accomplishments he earned the True Betan Award and became the first recipient of the Robert and Estelle Benson Award, which was presented to him at Lizz Russell’s event.

Lizz Russell’s runway shows are considerably more than about seeing her amazing collections; they are also about the fundraisers and awareness of GBS and CIDP. Russell is an amazing individual with a strong following. She will continue to be successful while producing iconic fashion and spreading awareness with her own style.

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