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By Ginny Ollis

       So many of the people who share our community are gifts to us and to our world.  Steve McIntee and Bob Meinzer live in a Mission Hills home with a spectacular view, which seems to me to radiate their perspective on living … looking beyond and appreciating all that life offers.  

Steve McIntee (right) and Bob Meinzer (left) during one of their numerous international travels.

     Born into a small working-class family in New Mexico, Meinzer’s early life was different from McIntee’s background, but not entirely. Steve grew up in urban poverty as part of a large Irish Catholic family in the New York City area. Both sets of parents were totally devoted to their children.  The kids quickly learned that being short of money did not eliminate heart, intention, and success. 

     I originally met McIntee when we were both new realtors and one of my clients happened to be his friend.  McIntee received his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame followed by a master’s degree in public administration from San Diego State University. In real estate, McIntee immediately distinguished himself as among those 10 percent of agents who focus primarily on the care of clients rather than commissions.  When he and Meinzer met, their parallel childhoods and similar family values clicked, as well as the shared intentions to make a difference in our world.  He and Meinzer began to invest in real estate resulting in a total of 58 projects thus far. Their zeal to succeed was obviously ingrained during childhood.  

      Meinzer ’s career path, having graduated in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University, began with an engineering job at SDG&E focused on large power plant project management.  Later, armed with an MBA from National University, in 1980 he moved from SDG&E to be general manager of Gencom San Diego, a Texas based paging, mobile telephone and telephone answering service company. With the dawn of cellular telephony in the early 1980s, Meinzer led the building of the first non-wireline cellular system in San Diego, with Pac Bell being the wireline competitor. Remember those huge cellular phones we initially had in our cars? That was Meinzer ’s business.  In 1986 he moved to Seattle, Washington to lead U.S. West Paging, a division of one of the seven “Baby Bells” resulting from the split up of AT&T.  While CEO of US West Paging, Meinzer led, with the backing of Merrill Lynch Capital Partners, the successful purchase of that subsidiary from US West. He and McIntee sold the company in 1996.  

       Asking them what is important in their lives they both responded in unison, “Gratitude.”  Because of their devotion to purpose beyond just their personal success they have become a source of support and fundraising for many prominent progressive leaders, hosting events that included Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Howard Dean, and many other national politicians. In addition, they helped by raising funds for groups as diverse as SLDN (the organization that led the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), Ocean Discovery Institute, San Diego Foundation for Change, Casa De Los Pobres in Tijuana and as well as numerous others. In one period of less than 18 months Steve and Bob hosted over 30 such gatherings. Yet their biggest gift is what they give everyone: trust and support.

       Beyond the joy of giving and making a difference, Meinzer and McIntee enjoy entertaining, walking and biking through England, France, Spain, and Italy, reading, and of course the simple pleasure of time with family and close friends.  

       During their almost 43 years together, they have lived in 18 homes in various areas of San Diego. But, in 2002, they built their current and forever home in Mission Hills.

So, the next time you see Steve McIntee and Bob Meinzer, you can let them know that you appreciate knowing more about their past and present adventures.

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