Mission Hills Residents Beautify the Community

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Drs. Andrew and Sonia Israel stand next to the utility box that is now coverrd with laminated artwork.

Utility Boxes Get an Artistic Facelift

Last month I attended a community meeting in Mission Hills to learn of a beautification effort initiated by Drs. Andrew and Sonia Israel. Also present were Concetta Antico, artist and proprietor of The Salon of Art in Mission Hills, and Eddie Whittaker, owner of Nonstop Signs. Andrew and Sonia said they have a utility box in their front yard that is the result of the recent undergrounding of power lines in the community. The utility boxes, in addition to being unattractive, are prominently positioned in the front yards of Mission Hills’ homes.

Andrew and Sonia decided to find a solution to camouflage the utility box in their front yard. They contacted Concetta Antico and asked if she would be willing to paint the utility box. Concetta proposed wrapping the utility boxes with a laminated material that would include artwork. Concetta offered to donate her artwork and recommended hiring Eddie Whitaker of Nonstop Signs to do the installation. The result is an attractive covering that is durable and lasting. Some of Andrew and Sonia’s neighbors have also accepted Concetta’s gift and have had their utility boxes covered with the laminated artwork. The cost of installation is $15 a square foot for the laminated material that has a UV filter and a four-to-five year warranty.

Andrew and Sonia said that they are extremely pleased with the results of the installation and encourage other neighbors to consider the generous offer of Concetta, who has over 400 different images available. To learn more about the process and installation, contact Eddie Whitaker, who is also a resident of Mission Hills, at (619) 787-1831 or eddie@nonspotsigns.com.

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