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We Need To Look Out For Each Other

Due to the fact that the month of May includes a tribute to mothers, it seemed appropriate to use this issue as an opportunity to share some motherly advice. I feel so blessed that I had a mother who was a kind, loving and generous person. She raised us with the belief that we need to be actively involved in our family and our community family. She was committed to spreading goodwill. She was also a great gardener.

In this issue, you will see that the front cover includes a photo of Toni and Fausto Palafox. They are the owners of Mission Hills Nursery, which has been in existence for over 82 years. It is an important foundation in our community of Mission Hills and the City of San Diego.

Kate Sessions, who was instrumental in “horticulturally” beautifying San Diego, started Mission Hills Nursery. The Antonicelli family became the next owners, followed by the Palafox family.

For those of us who know the Palafox family I am sure we share the same feelings. They are an important part of our community and our extended family. They are more than business owners; they are the ones who’ve helped to bring greenery to our holidays, family celebrations, and our property. It’s almost impossible to define all that they have done to contribute to our lives and our homes, our properties.

I can’t fathom Mission Hills without them.

Today I feel serious concern for the Palafox family because their future as owners of the Mission Hills Nursery is in question. That’s because of the property that it sits on.

If you read Barb Strona’s article on page 9, you will learn more about this dilemma.

I want to do everything possible to save this business, the legacy created by Kate Sessions and the nursery that Toni and Fausto have made so much a part of our community. I encourage all of you to get involved, to participate in saving Mission Hills Nursery.

As my mother said, “We need to look out for each other, and when we do, good things happen.”

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