New Connections and Bus Service Routes Are Initiated

| February 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Sharon Gehl and Patricia Paylor

Our only north-south Mission Hills bus, the 83, has changed its route. The north end, rather than having a dead end around Arista, now extends to trolley, train, and bus routes at the Old Town Transit Center, by way of Sunset and Juan Street. The south end will still go down Reynard Way to connect to trolley, bus, and train routes downtown at Santa Fe Depot and America Plaza Transit Center.

The new connection gives us all new options for getting to work, school, shopping, and entertainment. High Tech High School students can now get to school in Liberty Station by taking the 83 bus to Old Town and transferring to the 28 bus. USD students can take the 44 bus from Old Town to school. UCSD students can take the 150 bus. SDSU Students can take the Green Line trolley. If you know students who go to any of these schools, let them know about their new options.

You’ll no longer have to go downtown to catch the Amtrak north to L.A.; just go down the hill and catch it at Old Town. If you want to go to a day event in Old Town and not have to bother with parking, you can take the 83 bus up and down the hill. If you want to go to a big convention downtown and not worry about parking, you can take the trolley. When the Blue Line is finished, we can all take it north. The new route also gives new transit options for people who work in Mission Hills at our stores and restaurants, or in our homes as home health care workers or housekeepers.

Bus service will be weekdays only, starting 6:11a.m. southbound at Goldfinch and Washington by the Fire Station on Goldfinch. It will arrive at 6:26 a.m. at America Plaza downtown. Then it will depart America Plaza at 6:34 a.m. and end up at 7 a.m. at the Old Town Transit Center. The new schedule will be every 70 minutes. The schedule is in this link:

Use the online MTS Trip Planner to see how these changes might help you, and take the bus to see where it goes.

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