No on Measure ‘C’

| September 5, 2022 | 0 Comments

By Lisa Mortensen 

Measure ‘C’ will be on the ballot in November.  It will allow the lifting of the decades’ long height restriction in the Midway District.  If this restriction is lifted, then City Hall has basically allowed for a wholesale lifting of all building regulations; allowing for-profit developers to build high rises extending downtown to Mission Bay.  By lifting the height limit (with no cap so buildings can rise to the moon), then upon build out, the public vistas that we take for granted riding down the 5 freeway or any public hillside street (like Laurel, Paul Jones, or Bandini Street) will be gone, replaced by a wall of buildings. Access to the beaches and bays will be cut off due to traffic.

The ‘Yes on C’ group is throwing a firebomb into the crowd of the No on Measure C supporters so we will scatter and run and not get our message out.  

We must stop our infighting and dwelling on the No on Measure C messengers and focus on the message!

Sadly, this issue that should be a district only issue for Midway to decide it’s future is being brought citywide so that Midway’s influence is diluted.

This is where different messengers come in.  Carl DeMaio is not running for political office, but he is popular among the more conservative highway 15 corridor that he has represented in the past.  Carl DeMaio is speaking the same message of ‘No on measure C’ to his base who will be voting on this measure.  So, let’s move on from the discussion about the messenger and let’s unify behind the message No to lifting the height limit in the Midway District.  Let’s not give the Yes on C group a win.  Because if this measure passes as a result of our stumbling on the issue of the messenger, we won’t remember the messenger(s) but will be frustrated that we didn’t get the message against this measure out to the public.

Let’s raise our voices against lifting the height limit and to walling off the access to beaches and bays (as well as creating further gridlock on our freeways and public streets).

Let’s Unite in the message to defeat Measure ‘C’.

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