One Fashionable Eve

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by Stylishly Aubree Lynn, Stylist/Writer/Producer

Months ago I wrote an article on Orange County Fashion Week and the winning designer of the evening that I was able to attend. The winner was an outstanding designer by the name of Ugochi Iwuaba.

Typically, I send the published articles to the designers I write about and this was no different.  Due to my coverage, I was able to connect with Ugochi, which led to me being invited to her upcoming summer event, which was titled One Fashionable Eve.

As you might expect, I was excited to attend and cover the fashion show.

One Fashionable Eve’s runway was strategically positioned outside of the San Diego Innovation Center, which absolutely looked stunning against the building’s glass exterior in the shape of a pyramid. As you entered the property, there was an array of attractive vehicles to grace the walkway. The property had a casual feeling, which helped to set the tone for what was to take place that evening.

Upon entering the building we were greeted by a trunk show containing booths representing many different designers and their work. Jewelry to kimonos, there seemed to be a little of everything to entice perspective buyers. Unlike many shows I attend, there was an air of friendliness coming from all the designers.  Everyone seemed ready to socialize, including Brittany Campbell from Paradise Hotel, who brought a warm presence to the social scene.

Though the show took a while to start, emcees’ Clare Mckee and The King Konnector kept all us entertained with their humor and audience interactions. The entertainment for the show included a beautiful harpist, Marie Antoinette. She had the harp strapped to her body and performed as she moved down the runway.  May I say, she “killed it” with her music and a fashionable performance, which lead to the introduction of the first designer of the show.

First up were amazingly handsome hats and headdresses designed by Annette’s Couture Millinery.  These were truly show-stopping hats! The detailing, including bows, feathers, and flowers, were breathtaking.  These are perfect adornments for any special affair involving head wear.

Next to show was D Style for Life whose fashions were musically influenced by the unforgettable Cardi B song, “Press.”  D Style for Life models imitated rapper Cardi B and projected attitude while hitting the runway. Their energy brought life to the clothing line.

A lot of the clothes modeled were sexy little numbers: skirts and tops with side boob panels. You definitely have to have confidence to wear these designs, including the ones with fur-looking patches in small sections (whites, blacks, grays, and blues) all complementing each other and each design. The texture on these designs was perceived as soft and playful additions on the runway. 

As the sun began to set, the sky gave off a romantic glow that was too stunning not to get mention from the emcees.  One section of the audience enjoyed a gorgeous setting sun, while the other side received a full-on rainbow.  Ironically, Sophanna Sky, yes Sky, got the opportune time to grace the runway with her colorful collection.

Sophanna Sky’s women’s clothing designs are considered ideal attire from work to night out. Fabrics are structured and fitted with buttons for business attire; with an array of color perfect for girl’s night out or a hot date. No matter what your taste or style preference, this collection offers functional women’s clothing from morning to evening.

Designer Di Moda Atelier, in addition to bringing the color lime green to center stage, the intimates and see through fabrics on men and women certainly created “an evening delight.” That’s because the sun had already set and the evening was quickly upon us.

This was the first line of clothing for men on the runway, which included open and shirtless dress jackets and casual hoodie sweatshirts. Di Moda Atelier’s men’s clothing was sharp and impeccable. Any man would look dashing in one of these suits or outfits.

At the trunk show before the event, I was able to speak with the designer of House of Daughtry, who makes all her dresses in San Diego and gets fashion advice for fabrics by her two younger daughters, which I thought was so cool! The kimono dresses are versatile and perfect for San Diego’s lifestyle. The fabrics and colors on display were all so vibrant.  She also had some metallic dresses that when the sun had gone down looked strikingly lovely with the runway spotlight.  The models, as they glittered down the runway, owned the floor.

The finale of the evening, the women of the hour, Ugochi Iwuaba’s designs truly brought curves to a new level.  The detailing and fabric selection draped precisely and on point with each dress worn by each model.  It was as if each outfit was custom made to fit their exact body.

Plus size model Nay R rocked a glamorous all white dress with an exaggerated bow in the front, while the top section draped down in the back giving it a train like flow. It was absolutely stunning on the runway and even more so in photos.

Her final outfit gave off a positive vibe every fashionable lady could want. The dress was very unique with a cape like top, and a back sash that draped down on top. What I came to realize is that this was actually a pants suit.  The look was absolutely perfect for any special occasion and even red carpet appearances. 

This fashion show was multi-faceted and diverse in many aspects.  It had all the elements of wind, rain, rainbows, a beautiful sunset, and evening, all in one show. Everyone who attended, despite the extreme weather changes, stayed in their seats chatted and waited for the show to begin. The audience was comprised of true fashion enthusiasts, who came to support the six designers and all the models that brought life to their designs. 

My special thanks to Ugochi Iwuaba and Tanisha for inviting me to One Fashionable Eve. It was exceptional!

Aubree Lynn, looking stylishly appropriate for a late afternoon to evening fashion show.

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