“Opening Day”

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Joe Rathburn has been performing since 1972 and continues to write, produce and perform.

Joe Rathburn has been performing since 1972 and continues to write, produce and perform.

A really good friend of mine is this amazing singer, songwriter, musician and music producer. I’ve known him for a quite a few years and have always enjoyed his music and watching him perform. Recently, he shared with me his newest single, “Opening Day.” I was singing to the music and feeling “happy.” That’s the kind of song it is.

Rathburn offered his take on his song. “I’m pretty sure, if you’re a baseball fan, even a casual one, it will put you in the mood for the season opener, and quite possibly the rest of the season as well.”

He added, “I’m hoping for this one to become baseball’s White Christmas. The tune that gets trotted out each year in the spring to pump up the baseball faithful and help get ’em ready to get down to the park and cheer on their team.”

According to Rathburn, Dave Blackburn helped him to produce the song and gave it it’s thump and sing-along qualities. Jim Reeves played the groovy bass that keeps slidin’ into home, and Ben Moore played the awesome B3 that keeps reminding us of a stadium organ, though it’s much hipper than that.

I also agree with Rathburn’s observation of the song, “The song’s got a real head turner beginning, and once it gets goin’ it doesn’t stop for love nor money (until the end of course).”

I invite to you visit, JoeRathburn.com and listen to “Opening Day.” If it doesn’t have you taping your feet and singing along, you don’t like music.

My friend, Joe Rathburn will be starting his 12th season performing before every Padres home game at The Tin Fish Restaurant, downtown San Diego, just outside of PETCO Park on Thursday, April 9, the Padres’ home opener.

Joe Rathburn makes his living playing music in San Diego, CA and wherever the demand takes him. He’s released four collections of original music on CD, a fifth CD of mostly covers with his tropical rock band Joe Rathburn’s ISLAND, and The Baseball Songs, a mostly covers collection of songs about the game.

Earning a living with his guitar and voice since 1972, Rathburn’s experience has ranged from solo and full band concerts in coffeehouses to arenas, TV appearances, commercials and opening for a range of artists from Ray Charles and Kiss to Dave Van Ronk, Susan Werner and Ellis Paul. He’s won music awards and produced several performance series. His proudest achievement is having the good sense to marry Mair, his wife and my close friend, since 1986. He continues writing, performing and releasing recordings of positive music.

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