Outcry Over News Censorship

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Where’s Balanced Reporting?

This past month I received an Op-ed from Corydon B. Dunham, former 25-year NBC-TV executive and author of “Government Control of News: A Constitutional Challenge.”

In the letter from Dunham, he states that “The Federal Communications Commission has drafted a new policy for government control of news. And even though a special study last year recommended that such a censorship policy be scrapped, it’s still pending, with the potential for action. Frankly, I’m surprised there is no outcry or debate about this political threat to distort news and speech and suppress them.”

The FCC’s proposed new Localism, Balance and Diversity Doctrine mirrors many aspects of the long-dead Fairness Doctrine, he says. That doctrine was revoked in 1987 when the FCC and the courts found that it had suppressed news, chilled speech, imposed censorship, prevented criticism of the administration then in office, and created an atmosphere of “timidity and fear.”

As a member of the media, I can state honestly that what Dunham has stated is worrisome. Mitrovich, as we all know, leans heavily to the left. Paul asked for a balanced message, the other perspective.

I agree with Paul. As executive editor of the Presidio Sentinel, I believe it’s important for us to present both perspectives of the political arena. Not having another vocal, political writer who represents the other two sides, Republican and Independent, I’ve erred by not offering a balanced perspective.

However, for me politics has become a dirty word. What has become common practice is a lot of mud slinging, name bashing, people trashing and lies. This is because too much money is going toward paid political advertisements that send these messages. And, unfortunately, I think we can all agree, the major media is also biased and misleading

What worries me is that there are people out there who make poor voting decisions based on the lies and propaganda of the media. And it’s getting worse because more money is being thrown at the campaigns to feed the propaganda.

As Americans we are blessed to have freedom of speech. Unfortunately, during the elections we quickly see that we’re not experiencing “free” speech.

As voters, we need to educate ourselves and learn the truth about the candidates. If we don’t, we have only ourselves to blame for being manipulated and influenced by the media with its own agenda.

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