Politically Speaking, It’s a Fight to the Finish

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As is standard, I always review the content of all the articles written by our fine writers. Each month I get a special dose of quality information on a variety of topics, including music, literature, finances, social issues, science, health and politics. On the topic of politics, George Mitrovich is usually the writer who makes this his priority, which makes sense because of the many years he spent working in the political arena.

In this issue, Mitrovich is offering his perspective on the primary mayoral candidates and who and why he has chosen one above the others. Typically, I don’t share my thoughts about the candidates. However, for important reasons, I feel it is necessary to let our readers know my position on the mayoral candidates.

I will start by stating that I like all the candidates, City Councilman Carl DeMaio, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Congressman Bob Filner, and California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. I have also had direct contact with three of the candidates, DeMaio, Dumanis and Filner. My experiences were positive.

As one can expect, as the executive editor of the Presidio Sentinel, I receive a lot of press releases and announcements from each of the offices represented by these candidates. I usually chuckle at the end of the day after reviewing the various commentary from these offices. It’s somewhat like a boxing match. I jab, you duck. I punch, you return the punch.

Currently Fletcher leads with the most jabs and punches, or attacks, as they would best be described. And, he’s attacking all of the other mayoral candidates.

Dumanis responds with, “How dare you attack me, look at my record.” It’s not stated in those exact words. However, you should get the point I am making.

DeMaio is staying the course. He continues to emphasize the importance of reform, and the need to fix city government. He elects not to respond to Fletcher’s attacks.

Then there is Filner.

He continues to promote and publicize his current events as Congressman. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t believe he is running for office. He is, isn’t he?

Based on what I am seeing, from my perspective, the fight will continue with Fletcher throwing most of the punches. Is that good? I don’t think that it helps his campaign.

Do I have my favorite? At this point in the campaign, I’m leaning toward DeMaio. He’s demonstrated and proven that he’s focused on reforming city government. And, I am in total agreement. Recently I have been talking to a lot of small business owners who’ve shared some “horror stories” in working with city staff and certain departments. I will share more on this subject in a future article. In my opinion, we can and must do better. Our city government is still broken and we need to help fix it.

On a cautionary note, expect a fight to the finish.

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