POP Factory Makes its Way to the West Coast

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Stylishly Aubree Lynn
Writer, Stylist, Producer

Stylishly Aubree Lynn is wearing a Territa Torres white cape dress, Top Shop boots, Forever 21 hair scarf, ‘60s orange bag and charm bracelet, and a Louis Vuitton inspired necklace. Photo is courtesy of Tim Hardy Photography.

False lashes, trapeze style dresses, bold prints, go-go boots, blue shadow, scarves in hair, these are all that encompassed the free-spirit of anything goes in the era of the ‘60s where life just popped!

I was asked to join my artistic and acclaimed performance and installation artist girlfriend, Jette Via, to an event that was a creation of Andy Warhol’s New York studio, The Factory. It sounded very much like an event I needed to attend.

I will first start with a thank you to Jette for the full paid, much appreciated and unexpected invite. As you can expect, I was so excited to come dressed for the occasion. However, I was having a bit of difficulty finding and envisioning my ideal look.

As it turned out, I came across Fashion Week San Diego designer Territa Torres who had an exceptional design, a white cape with V detailing on the chest and a high positioned neckline. I thought, “This is a style that I can make work!”

My fashion mentor friend Lynnie Gamberdella lent me her low rise black Top Shop boots with embroidered flowers, a ‘60s charm bracelet, a Louis Vuitton inspired necklace and an orange purse from the era bearing some impressive pendants. I found a brown wig in my garage and got busy with my eyes, which I knew would require some effort since I am make-up challenged.

Lynnie guided me through pictures and text messages on how to perfect my eyes for the night. Shockingly, it worked! I couldn’t believe that I looked the part. I was ready to jam.

Heading down Kettner Boulevard to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego I started to see a crowd of people in ‘60s attire. It was an amazing site. Men dressed like Andy Warhol with blonde wigs. Girls mimicked the persona of Andy Warhol, including Edie Sedgwick and Cornelia Guest. Other attendees also presented their own versions of the ‘60s vibe.

Walking into The Factory the infamous Campbell’s Soup-can design was proudly displayed on the wall. It appeared to scream to be the backdrop of a photo shoot. To the right sat a red lounge couch that was the optimal Warhol screen test and photo opt item.

A Velvet Underground-inspired rock band performed legendary hits of the era, and a collection of DJs curated by A Ship In The Woods, had people partying all night long.

Bartenders lined the wall with groovy craft cocktails by Barcon Cocktail Company. A specialty drink was named after the infamous Marilyn Monroe.

In the outdoor patio there were half-egg-styled chairs and lounge type seating, with cocktails flowing. Pop Pie Company served some outta sight sweet and savory mini-pie treats, including chicken and blueberry. They were out of this world.

Throughout the venue there were some very mod chicks and hipsters, including Leonard Simpson, CEO of Fashion Forward. He was doing his part during the evening to wrap up a live Facebook promotion.

Obviously, there was lots of activity and a considerable amount of photos being taken during the evening. Photographer Tim Hardy, who took a keen interest in my wardrobe, proposed we take some shots from the velvet couch. I couldn’t resist.

The night was a blast. I am not sure if it was the vibe, the wig or the dress, but I did feel pretty primo. Whoever was the inspiration of this Monte Carlo-styled gala, the result was a fun-filled evening of “eye-popping” visual elements and ‘60s inspired sounds for a once in a lifetime experience.

With everyone dressed up and getting blitzed it’s no wonder: “Everyone is famous for 15 minutes.” -Andy Warhol

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