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Warren Lee Kinshella came to San Diego in 1957, becoming a master building contractor and building inspector.

After more than 19 years of being the publisher and executive editor, I constantly face the reality of wanting whatever I communicate to be meaningful to our readers. This issue is no different. However, this month, I have a heavy heart. The article that I am writing does not come easily. That’s because I prefer not to have to share what I am feeling.

Yet, I am reminded that writing is emotional therapy and can “lighten your heart.”

Warren Lee Kinshella, who was both a dear friend and my father-in-law, passed away this past month. Warren has been a part of my life for over 18 years and has also served as a father figure. My Dad and Warren, who were close in age, shared similar backgrounds and became good friends. For me, that was a blessing.

When my Dad passed away, Warren made it known to me that he would be there for me. He would assist where Dad left off. I will never forget this act of love, kindness and generosity. It truly helped to reduce the pain of losing Dad.

A common trait of both Warren and my Dad was that sharing emotions didn’t come easily. You may know what they are thinking and feeling, but getting them to express it required patience and sometimes nudging.

So every time that I could have “heart to heart” conversations with Warren, it felt even more special. That’s because it took extra effort on his part, and he was expressing himself in a deep and meaningful way.

Besides the usual acts of kindness that Warren shared, like assisting with repairs around the house and being present for all holidays, special occasions and family visits, he was generous with his time, talent and skills. Several times, Warren assisted me when I was working on fundraising projects for a local humane society, including constructing animal houses. He didn’t waiver at the task or responsibility. In fact, he enlisted Ortie Kinshella, his wife (my mother-in-law), to build an outstanding cat house that had been created by one of Nissan’s top auto designers. The cat house he and Ortie constructed was an exceptional piece of artwork and earned a substantial amount of money for a live auction of the humane society.

As you might expect, with Warren, like my Dad, all I had to do was ask. He never hesitated to assist. And, like my Dad, he would put his heart and soul in to whatever task or project he had been given and accepted.

Now as I ponder the past and consider my life without Warren, I am reminded how fortunate I have been to have had two Dads in my life. How blessed and full my life has been.

Here’s a brief recap of Warren’s life:
Warren Lee Kinshella (88) passed away on February 27 from complications from COPD. He was born Nov. 14, 1930 in Hallock, MN to Ethel and Gilbert Kinshella.

Warren was born and raised in Hallock, MN and graduated from Hallock High School in 1948. He served in the Army during the Korean conflict. After discharge, he worked in construction and moved to San Diego in 1957.

Warren married Ortie McEwen of Humboldt, MN on Oct. 7, 1950. They were married for 68 years and have one son, Dr. Craig Kinshella.

Warren worked as a carpenter before becoming a master building contractor and building inspector. He retired after 58 years in the industry and continued to share his talents and skills through his philanthropic service.

I will be forever grateful that Warren has been a part of my life and know that many people have benefitted from his kind and generous nature. We will miss you Warren.

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