San Diego International Airport’s Rental Car Center Update

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This past month, San Diego International Airport celebrated a major milestone in the $316 million Rental Car Center’s construction: completion of the 2,000,000-square-foot facility’s innovative concrete facade. It’s scheduled to open in January 2016, and will house most of the rental car companies serving the airport, including national brands, as well as local, independent and small business rental car companies, in one central location off Pacific Highway.

On Thursday, June 11, Keith Wilschetz, director of Airport Planning & Noise Mitigation for San Diego International Airport spoke before an audience of Mission Hills residents and business owners who were present to learn more about the rental car center.

According to Wilschetz, the new rental car center is the latest in a series of major improvements being made to the north side of the airfield. The plan is to streamline airport operations and improve the customer experience for the traveling public who rent cars at San Diego International Airport.

Due to the consolidation, there will also be a reduction of the total number of rental car shuttles from 81 down to 16 – with all of them operating on a newly built interior airport roadway.

During the presentation, Wilschetz also shared that an upscale restaurant operated by a private business is included in the rental car facility.  The purpose of the restaurant is to provide an airport runway and city scape setting for residents and guests who are looking for a unique dining experience. The restaurant will face downtown’s skyline.

In addition to discussing the rental car center, residents asked questions about other elements of the airport, including traffic on and off Washington Street.  Wilschetz said that the plan is to direct rental car guests toward Sassafras Street, and away from Washington Street.  He offered that Washington Street will be used for cargo and service only.

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