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As someone who has enjoyed a variety of sports and recreational activities, including cross country and downhill skiing, bicycling and tennis, and has been fully involved in each of them, I was intrigued to learn of a sport that I really knew nothing about, except on websites and shows that gave the impression it is an elite sport and very restrictive. 

I am referring to the sport of lawn bowling.

What I quickly learned is that it’s not the case at all. Lawn bowling, which I was pleased to learn, is an affordable, low-stress, outdoor activity, and a great way to meet new friends from throughout the San Diego region. It’s for people of all ages, which I truly liked learning.

That is because I enjoy sports and recreational activities that promotes participation with people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

For me, it’s the time to make friends as well as be physically active and to enjoy the great surroundings.

In case you’re not aware, here is some information about the sport. and the instruments that are used.

Lawn bowling is played on “greens” that can be divided into a rectangular section of grass called a rink. One to four players form opposing teams and alternate rolling their bowls (not balls) toward a small white ball (the jack) at the far end of the rink. After all bowls are rolled in one direction, a team scores one point for each of its bowls that ends up closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest bowl.

The bowls are not spherical, but shaped elliptical with one side slightly flattened, which causes the bowl to curve as it slows down and that’s where it gets challenging, you need to determine your direction and how to roll the bowl.

And now here is some information about the local opportunities to play this sport.

The San Diego Lawn Bowling Club (SDLBC), located at the northeast corner of Balboa and Prado Drive in beautiful Balboa Park, the club offers free lessons that could lead in getting hooked with the sport and joining the club memberships for social play.

You can choose to participate in weekly club social games and as you master the game, you can move into club tournaments, league play, and regional competitions. It’s whatever fits your lifestyle and schedule. It allows flexibility and the opportunity for participation at your preference.

Membership is open to anyone aged 12 years and offers a wide range of membership categories, depending on your age or military status.

What I also learned is that because this sport is played throughout the country, you can participate with other lawn bowling clubs while you are traveling.  It’s another impressive benefit of lawn bowling and its participants.

To learn more, I encourage you contact the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club at or drop by the SDLBC to sign up for lessons.

Lawn bowling is an affordable, low-stress, outdoor activity for people of all ages.

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