San Diego Musician Releases Music Videos To Advocate Mental Illness

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Veronica May uses her musical talent to help educate and inspire others about life’s challenges.

San Diego musician and mental health advocate Veronica May will release two new music videos by January 2018. One is a new single called “Rise” and the other is called “Tides,” a song from her 2017-released solo album “Awakened.” May utilizes her music to advocate for mental illness through sharing her own battle with Bipolar 1 Disorder in song. May was diagnosed in 2008 and has had three manic episodes resulting in hospitalizations since.

“I’m using music as a tool to smash the stigma of mental illness and break down the fear that often comes with it,” said May. “My songs are not just for those dealing with mental illness, but for anyone who is looking for hope. My mission is about connecting with others and touching lives.”

Her new single “Rise” is a positive political song, inviting listeners to analyze what’s happening in our nation and to rise up in a peaceful and strong way. The music begins soft and acoustic and crescendos with electric guitar and drums. Likewise, the choreography in the music video builds. Katie Scofield with Ballet Theatre San Luis Obispo choreographed the routine to reflect the movement of the music and lyrics. The music video was shot in The Holland Ranch barn in San Luis Obispo.

From her album Awakened, “Tides” is about stepping into your power, being kind to yourself, and accepting that the cycle of life ebbs and flows between good and bad. The music video is choreographed by one of May’s high school music students at the school where she teaches, and was filmed there as well.

Released in May, May’s first solo album Awakened is an introspective piece that reflects the mania and depression of living with bipolar disorder. Much like the polar opposites she experiences, half the album is acoustic and intimate as the other side is straight up rock and blues. The album cover was shot in the same parking lot where she was found by paramedics during her first manic episode in 2008.

May completed her first solo tour in September and now performs throughout San Diego. She has been a music therapist, public speaker and a volunteer for organizations like Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls San Diego. She was previously a member of the duo The Lovebirds.

The “Awakened” album is available for purchase on iTunes and Spotify. To learn more about May’s upcoming performances, visit

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