San Diego Sold To the Highest Bidder

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There is this impression, as I talk to people in San Diego and around the country, that our fine city has been put on an auction block for speculators who are willing to pay the highest price for changing the character of our city. 

Unfortunately, as alarming as that might be, it is potentially true.  And, many of us ask, “Why would this happen?”

There are many reasons this could and would happen, including the fact that it is an attractive city.  Look around us and what this city has to offer: a beautiful, world-class city park (Balboa Park) and zoo (San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance), lots of historical entities and properties: Old Town, Presidio Park, Cabrillo Park, Liberty Station, all within close proximity of each other.

We have incredible, year-round weather, which we should never take for granted.

We have access to amazing beaches that connect us with the Pacific Ocean:  Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar, and all the way up the West Coast.  And, we can see these amazing beaches and skylines from various vantage points from throughout our fine city that many of us refer to as a gem.

However, the gem may soon lose its luster.  It may become a place none of us dreamed of.  It could become another Miami, Florida, a place most of us would never consider calling home.

Is that really what we want San Diego to become?

Not those of us who have chosen to join an effort called “Save San Diego’s Character,”

“Save San Diego’s Character” now represents upward of 2,000 people and growing daily.  People throughout the city and county are working devotedly for a cause in which we believe speaks of who we are, San Diegans who respect what our city has to offer today, and for future generations to enjoy.

To those who don’t know, there is a project being proposed by the Navy on the existing NAVWAR property (previously SPAWAR) that is in the Old Town Planning Group.  What the Navy is recommending would forever change the character of our city.

Save San Diego’s Character, which represents neighbors, business owners, and community leaders is committed to responsible modernization of the NAVWAR site, which is referred to as Alternative 1 (not 2-5):

  • Alternative 1 prioritizes vital Navy modernization and gives time for city, community, and historic organization discourse on housing and transit decisions. 
  • Alternatives 2-5 would introduce up to a 320-foot glass wall around Old Town, eliminating public views, creating crushing density (70,000 added car trips a day), and marring the character and historical integrity of San Diego.  

We believe San Diegans deserve affordable housing, and a transit system that works for all.  However, we also strongly believe that we need to act in a unified voice with fellow San Diegans, especially when it means altering San Diego, our city that we call home and love and respect.

Today, Save San Diego’s Character is 2,000 strong.  Tomorrow, we plan to double that voice by bringing in more communities, and joining with other organizations (including Neighbors for a Better San Diego, and Save Our Access).  It’s become obvious to all of us that it’s time we take a stand to protect our neighborhoods, our communities and our fine city. 

It takes courage and commitment, which I am proud to share is what I see happening with the people behind Save San Diego’s Character, which is 2,000 strong and growing daily.

We encourage you to join our cause, which will have a lasting impact on the quality of life and character of San Diego:

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