Take Off that Frown and Smile

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What makes you happy? What makes you smile?

This was a question that was asked via microphone of many people at the Kona Kai Resort and Marina for the Big Face Smile Fashion Show and Entertainment Event that I attended. I was thinking if they came to me what would I say. Rolling up on the red carpet to the event in a wheel chair wasn’t what I had in mind months ago when my friends and I were planning to attend this event.

Losing my job and breaking my leg hasn’t given me much to smile about, but staying home with my son and seeking the next steps of my life has been an important journey. Still I wouldn’t say it is smile worthy.

I was just happy to be out of the house and attending this event.

It was a gorgeous evening in San Diego and the venue was a perfect spot that created an atmosphere of elegance, tranquility and a spiritual essence unlike any other fashion event I have attended. Everyone was decked out in their all white apparel. Men were in suits, women in dresses and skirts, while some wore amazing hats.

The show opening had an electric vibe that created a strong and memorable energy. Models were choreographed like nothing I have ever seen. A story was being told on the runway that incorporated actors and the spoken word of Kendrick Dial. A musical performance by Rebecca Jade was the mechanism that integrated all in harmony.

The Big Face Smile Urban and Activewear line was presented, along with evening wear. There were amazing dresses by Brooke Journey and dapper suits by

LevetteBusinesswear. The outfits were rocked by models (happy to say of all sizes) who didn’t skip a beat. Men and women who modeled were fierce, had purpose, confidence and gave the runway a run for its money. 

Brooke Journey’s clothing line was highlighted during the fashion show and has styles suitable for all women.

Brooke Journey’s clothing line was highlighted during the fashion show and has styles suitable for all women.

The evening flew by and before I knew it I was back home like Cinderella, marveling in my one night out in two months. I came home and my heart was smiling. I felt good, better, excited about life again, inspired. It was the perfect evening. Though I had been waiting for this evening, I didn’t realize how much I needed the creative escape.

So what makes you smile?

According to Big Face Smile, “A smile is just a curve that sets everything straight.” To learn more about the movement, visit www.bigfacesmile.com .

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