Thankfulness After All the Catastrophes

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Motivated by Kindness

Over the last several months, our fellow-Americans have been at the center of various weather and fire disasters. There were the hurricanes and floods in Texas and Florida and the firestorms in Northern California. The grand finale, in terms of a life-changing catastrophe was what occurred in Las Vegas this past month.

The question asked by so many was, “How could all of this be happening, and how do we work through this series of life-altering challenges that has rocked our country?”

However, within just weeks from the last catastrophe, the general consensus is that Americans are resilient and rise above all that can be considered devastating.

The main reason for this observation is that when our fellow Americans are being pummeled with more disasters than one might think possible to survive, strength comes from within and from the community.

As we are in the month of Thanksgiving, when we are invited to think generous and be thoughtful, it is also a time to help enrich the lives of those around us. When we do, we experience a two-fold return. We feel good and we see the benefits of our kindness and our generosity.

And, this is the time to remind our selves that being generous doesn’t always equate to financial contributions. Most often, real generosity is about giving of our selves. Showing kindness by giving of our time, talent and skills to truly impact those in need.

This is also the time to show gratitude to people who quietly attempt to move mountains when there are major obstacles working against them. And, I am reminded, any decision by an individual or a group genuinely made for the good of the community is like an act of love towards all.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all took the time to thank those who are constantly contributing their resources, time, talent and skills for the good of all. If you haven’t done it recently, maybe the month of Thanksgiving would be the ideal time to send your goodwill messages.

It feels good to give and it feels good to say “thank you.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Now go out and spread some goodwill…every day.



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