Uptown for All Candidates Win Uptown Planners’ Election

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Candidates Express Their Gratitude

It’s official!  Matt Brown, Tony Silvia, and Patty Ducey-Brooks have been elected to the board of Uptown Planners.  Thanks to residents and business owners in Mission Hills, Middletown, Hillcrest, University Heights, Bankers Hill, Marston Hills, and the Medical Complex who came to the election sites to vote this past month. You made it known that you want people representing Uptown that have a vested interest in what happens in these communities. You want people to represent you that “mirror” your concerns and are willing to defend your rights as residents and business owners. 

You made it clear to us at the election sites that you are very concerned about the future of our communities and the following issues: removal of street and off-site parking, traffic congestion and road closures for vehicular traffic, excessive density, environmental concerns, infrastructure concerns, and lack of community input on new developments. 

Fortunately, the emphasis of Uptown for All, which has grown with the addition of Tony, Matt, and me, is to work diligently to bring your concerns to the meetings and to our city officials.

To clarify for those of you are not aware, Uptown for All is the title that was given to a group of eight candidates who ran for board positions in 2021.  Each of them was elected due to their experience, and their desire to be the voices of the communities they represent. They advocate for responsible development and strive for quality neighborhoods and thriving businesses. They also respect the character and history of the Uptown communities.

Tony, Matt and I joined Uptown for All’s platform because we felt it best represented our vision and mission as residents and business owners. We respect and want to protect the character and quality of life of all the communities in the Uptown area.

Following the election, I asked Matt Brown and Tony Silvia to share their feelings about the results and their plans going forward.

According to Matt Brown, “Having grown up in Mission Hills, I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to represent the Uptown community. I am humbled to have the privilege to serve such a diverse community. First off, I want to thank God for gracing me with this opportunity. I also want to thank my wife, family and friends, members of Uptown for All, and all my supporters. And finally, I’d like to thank each of the candidates that participated in this election for their hard work and camaraderie. To that end, I look forward to representing the Uptown community and ensuring that our voices are heard,”

Tony Silvia also shared his appreciation, “Thank you to everyone who came out to support responsible development and neighborhood quality of life. I will take my position as a member of Uptown Planners seriously, and I intend to work hard to protect the neighborhoods and people of Uptown. A special thank you to everyone who worked hard on behalf of myself and my fellow Uptown for All candidates.”

When I learned that I would be sharing this campaign effort with Tony and Matt, I was thrilled. Both understand the significance of Uptown Planners and our combined ability to bring logic and common sense to development projects and other quality of life concerns that we will be addressing as board members.

We believe it is an honor to serve these communities and realize the importance of our responsibility. 

With that in mind, we intend to stay closely aligned with all the Uptown communities so that we truly represent their diverse and valued voices.

Matt Brown and his wife at the beach in San Diego.

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