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It was a warm and sunny Monday morning … and while I should have been recovering from the weekend’s activities, I was instead racing up Fifh Ave. for a pre-arranged walk with a buddy. No biggie …

Until I tripped No, really tripped. Careened down the street, a-gasp, struggling to maintain balance, already terrified, barely braced for the for-sure fall I was about to take.

It didn’t happen. Instead, 25-ft. later, I staggered into a tree, which I‘m willing to bet had never been hugged like that before.

What a save!

And on my way, still recovering, gingerly watching carefully for new obstacles, a sad and lonely $50 bill looked up at me from the sidewalk.

Whoa! I promise, I looked around, seeking its owner, but the street was empty. Actually, empty except for the guy walking behind me, with whom I would have split the find, if only, sigh, there was some place to give us change.

Lotsa luck? It’s all over.

We note that former congressman Anthony Weiner, who, improbably, is running for Mayor of New York, has returned to Twitter – presumably having learned discretion.

That’s pressing one’s luck.

On the other hand, Ms. Abedin, his wife and mother of their newish baby, stands by him, a la Hillary Clinton. All indiscreet husbands should be so lucky.

In South Carolina, Mark Sanford recovered his political career, edging out Stephen’s sister Elizabeth Colbert Busch, despite providing his public plenty of fuel for not trusting him any more. Hey, his luck is holding: a new Argentine beauty on his arm and the Governor’s seat.

Tim Cook’s been lucky, in that he’s made himself and Apple a fortune by off-shore financial shenanigans. We’re the losers on taxes. His big-money strategies are earning him a possible divorce from Apple and a probable divorce from Ireland’s haven.

All we players: bad luck.

Speaking of taxes, do I have time for the I.R.S.? Oh, never mind. Writer Michael D. Shear notes mixed luck in the “N. Y. Times”: “It’s better to be a tax dodger than a tax collector.”

In our own 4th district, Myrtle Cole won the city council seat over Dwayne Crenshaw, despite Ms. Cole’s mailer that focused on a long-debunked accusation of Dwayne Crenshaw – her rival for the seat – and his very iffy involvement with crack cocaine. Rejecting luck altogether, Larry Remer, Ms. Cole’s advisor and the author of the mailer, defended the tactic: “This is politics,” he shrugged.

If we were really lucky, we’d be more like ants: there are (at least) 100 species, sorts, sizes. “They treat each other as one big, happy family,” said Neil Tsutsui, professor of environmental science, UC Berkeley.

Finally, in Israel, new political star Yali Lapid philosophied: “Israelis want peace and security and Palestinians want peace and justice – these are two very different things, and this is the real gap we have to close….Some say, ‘God will help us,’… not a very tangible idea to me. Others say,’ some problems are not to be solved.”

Lotsa luck. We need all we can get.

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