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Lil’ Bit O’Coin

I wonder what ever happened to the Humphreys, that big-city family whose outings were dedicated – yes, dedicated – to how much money they could find on a New York street? Did it pay their rent? Buy their groceries? Well, it was reported that they found “thousands,” but I, as an equally obsessive loose-change seeker, figured they needed to live very long lives to acquire that much.

I too, am simply, highly opposed to letting perfectly good money lay unclaimed in the open. And, I’m aided by the need to take Fen, the poodle/bischonish (or, who knows/) little brat on long walks, during which I can either idly scan for coin or think great thoughts.

(Do not hurt my feelings here.)

I rejected listening to news (heaven help us!), music or lectures. One must be vigilant while walking Fen – not only because he may eat a disgusting sidewalk tidbit that will wind up costing us hundreds to have his stomach pumped, but because I’d miss
exultant pedestrians who must discuss his breed (?) and his adorableness – – (“ Yes,” I say, “ sometimes he’s adorable.”)

Well, I’d learned a lot from the Humphreys; they were anything but idle. With their two children, they embarked on serious scouting.

As for me, it’s true that I can’t quite stroll through a parking lot or pass an ATM machine without paying keen attention, but I simply never advanced –like the Humphreys – to searching ‘round the supermarket check-out stand, vending machine locations or – and I’m ashamed not to have thought of this one – gas station pumps. The Humphreys advised restaurant seats, too. Ick.

Well, the Humphreys were New Yorkers, where people dash through the streets whether they’re late getting to where they’re going or not. So they’re probably far more careless in general than San Diegans, who really don’t rush to get anywhere, and are even reasonably satisfied to be a tiny bit late – like slipping into their seats just as the curtain goes up (ending how you’ve been eyeing their seats to see whether – being better than yours – you can make a quick change.) And maybe, if New Yorkers do lose a dime here and there, they’re reluctant to recover it lest they be trampled.

In the meantime, not long ago, during one week, I found a coin every single day. And the following week, in one day I scored a penny, a nickel, a dime – and a quarter. A bonanza.

But, thousands of dollars to be found? I would ardently dispute that, and will, should I ever meet the Humphreys; unless, of course, I learn that they actually put both those kids through college with that lil’ bit o’coin.


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