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On the Bright Side….

Cedric McMillan won the 2017 body building competition in Columbus’ Arnold Sports Festival.

Cedric McMillan won the 2017 body building competition in Columbus’ Arnold Sports Festival.

If there’s some benefit to having tripped into a New York City sidewalk pothole, trashing my ticket to “Hamilton,” sending my lovin’ kin, as a result, into an unexpected adventure of ambulances, emergency rooms, changed schedules, and so on, it’s that now, in a technologically-impressive boot and armed with crutches and canes, I have sooo much time to read…well, everything. Along with Mr. Trump (to begin with, I decline calling him “President”) and the on-going despicable and untrue tweets and “news” he generates, I’m now an opinionator on…everything!

Mr. Trump’s driver’s license says he’s 6’2”; but he says he’s 6’3’. His weight at both heights is estimated at 30-plus more pounds than he admits to. If only…! Instead of aspiring to the presidency, I wish he would’ve noticed Cedric McMillan’s amazing physique as, mega-muscled, McMillan won the 2017 body building competition in Columbus’ Arnold Sports Festival. Now, winning a body-building competition would’ve been much more satisfying to the ego-centric Mr. Trump than the presidency, and much more satisfying for us, since body-builders need only stand there and look pretty. Moreover, all that weight Mr. Trump denied could’ve been turned into muscle.

Gone Guys: You just can’t say anything, anymore: Noting that surprisingly few women have risen to the role of advertising executive, Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts opined that perhaps women have less “vertical ambition” than male counterparts. Ho-hum. He got whopped but good for what he said was merely a ”miscommunication.” Never mind: he’s gone.

Over at Uber, which hasn’t had enough problems, four execs just bailed, including their bally-hoo’ed “president of ride sharing,” after only six months on the job. In exiting – without comment – Jeff Jones joins top company executives Raffi Krikorian, Gary Marcus, and Amit Singhal in their race out the door. Who hasn’t left (yet?) is Travis Kalanick, CEO and company co-founder, whose well-publicized battle with a driver made headlines. Said Kalanick, he’ll seek “help,” but it’s not clear whether he meant finding new leadership, a new temperament, or both.

Found guys: If not fortune, at least fame has come to the Kelly family after Robert E. Kelly, the BBC commentator whose opinions about South Korean politics, were hilariously torpedoed by his four-year old daughter and baby son, squirming in the arms of his wife, who desperately tried to shepherd the kids out of the camera’s eyes during an otherwise very serious interview. Despite having been a regular BBC guest for years, the awkward incident catapulted him into international fame. Importantly, as noted far and wide, he disputed a theory for why he’d never gotten out of his chair: “I was wearing pants,” he humphed.

If you (still) believe the news, you are a growing minority, sad to say. Trump trumpets his own lies, even while attacking “the dishonest media,” but be assured, me, you can believe. I promise, I’ve carefully verified every word I’ve reported in this column.

Under the circumstances…what else do I have to do?

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